I Genuinely Can’t Watch “Pretty Little Liars” The Same Way Again Now That I Know These Behind-The-Scenes Facts

    What is it about this show?

    1. Ali's last name, DiLaurentis, is an anagram for "Liars united".

    2. Kylie Jenner was meant to appear on the show.

    Kylie Jenner walking on the street at night wearing a tight green dress

    3. Rosewood looks a lot like Stars Hollow...for good reason.

    Lorelai and Rory from Gilmore Girls sit on the top step under a gazebo that's decorated with lights, town buildings are behind them

    4. Janel Parrish originally went for the role of Spencer.

    A still from PLL - Mona smiles sweetly at a man we can't see

    5. Troian Bellisario knew about her twin from Season 5.

    6. And she kept spoiling the ending in interviews, but no one believed her.

    Troian Bellisario sits in a chair holding a microphone, wearing a pale pink shirt

    7. Ashley Benson chose the show's theme song.

    8. And the iconic 'shh' at the end of the opening credits was ad-libbed.

    9. Toby should have died in Season 1.

    Toby and Spencer stand on a front porch, looking somber

    10. Though Toby was played by a totally different actor in the pilot.

    A man in a suit is walking down a church aisle with Jenna, who is dressed in black and wearing dark sunglasses

    11. Sasha Pieterse was only 13 years old in Season 1.

    Alison in a photo from Season 1 of the show when she looks very young

    12. And she originally wanted the role of Hanna.

    13. Troian Bellisario's now-husband got a minor role on PLL to win her back after a break-up.

    A close up shot of a man in a dark room that could be a bar

    14. On set, the doors you see in Aria's bedroom actually leads to Emily's bedroom, which leads on to Spencer's house.

    Aria sitting on her bed, surrounded by pillows, there are lots of books on the shelves

    15. Two whole seasons of the show took place over a single six-week period.

    16. Sasha really hates that yellow top.

    Ali standing with crossed arms, wearing a ruffled yellow tank top

    17. PLL was the most tweeted-about show for two years straight.

    18. Lucy Hale and Ashley Benson both starred in How I Met Your Mother as younger sisters to different main cast members.

    Two images: a young Lucy Hale standing beside Robyn from How I Met Your Mother, and a young Ashley Benson cuddling Ted from How I Met Your Mother

    19. Each of the four main Liars cheated on their partner at least once throughout the series.

    A screenshot of Aria looking extremely upset

    20. Spencer and Ali are the only Liars who don't kill anyone in the whole series.

    The four main girls in a moving car, looking shocked and terrified, they've all got open mouths like they're screaming

    21. And finally, the scene where Spencer confronts Toby about being A was supposedly filmed on the same alleyway set as the iconic Spiderman upside-down rain kiss.

    The top image shows Spencer standing on a fire escape in front of a door, and. the second scene shows Spider-Man kissing Mary-Jane, with a similar fire escape in the background.