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    21 Pokémon Tattoos That Are Cooler Than You'll Ever Be

    Gotta ink 'em all.

    1. This badass Ninetails.

    2. This stack of starters.

    3. This amazing Squirtle squad.

    4. And this meta illustration.

    5. This Kangaskhan who probably uses Tumblr.

    6. This Charmander in a Charizard onesie.

    7. This badass Pikachu.

    8. And this A+ Pika couple.

    9. This incredible evolution sleeve.

    10. This throwback to the original game.

    11. And this dapper AF Bulbasaur.

    12. This creative mash-up.

    13. These matching balls.

    14. And this Charmander who is making the most of what he's got.

    15. This adorable Deadpool Pikachu.

    16. This beautiful scene.

    17. And this Squirtle who DGAF.

    18. This ode to the trainers.

    19. This impressive badge collection.

    20. This incredibly cute Chancey.

    21. And this fierce reminder.