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    This Aussie Swimwear Brand Is Perfect For Anyone With Boobs Bigger Than A D-Cup


    If you've been blessed with big boobs, you know that it can often be near-impossible to find swimwear that looks good and fits well.

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    Well, the brand Lilly & Lime is here and they may just solve all your problems.

    Lilly & Lime

    Designed by two Aussie women who were sick of being unable to find swimmers in their sizes, these pieces are all supportive, fit well, AND look good.

    Lilly & Lime

    Also their bottoms actually cover your whole ass which is a real big win in my book.

    The tops and bottoms are sold separately (yas) and range in size from 6D to 18HH (yas yas yas).

    Lilly & Lime

    Whether you want a tankini, one-piece, or bikini, they're all there.

    Happy summer y'all!!