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    We Watched "Pretty Little Liars" Season 7, Episode 6 And Had A Lot Of Thoughts

    Ezra. Stop leaving voicemails. It's not 1994.

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    1. Oh yeah, I’d totally forgotten about the Ezria proposal.

    2. Why isn't Aria telling them?

    3. Oh, I’d also forgotten that Rollins was ~seen~ alive and driving a car.

    4. God, these two-week breaks really get me.

    5. Spencer is so, so sure that he’s dead. HAVE YOU NOT SEEN THIS SHOW, SPENCE?

    6. Remember when y’all thought Ali was dead? Look how well that worked out for you.

    7. And also why do they have all of these conversations about their murders in public? They have houses. With doors and windows and less eavesdroppers.

    8. “A never does anything for free.” – Emily

    9. One minute it’s A.D., the next it’s A, god, even the liars don’t know what’s up any more.

    10. Which, same tbh.

    11. YES ALI CALL THEM OUT! Loving the return of the red coat.

    12. How can they be so sure that Mary is A.D. though. Like…usually the most obvious suspect is actually a good guy.

    13. Of course Spencer wants to go with Ali to go see Detective Fury.

    14. I cannot take the name Detective Fury seriously.

    15. What kind of wannabe superhero.

    16. A group text!’s just Spencer.

    17. Aria: “We really need to stop group-texting each other”.

    18. Probs a good idea tbh.

    19. Hanna, is it really THAT wise to just whip out Elliot’s burner phone in PUBLIC?

    20. Lmao that Spencer/Marco tension.

    21. Do you think Spencer always looks shocked to see Detective Fury because he is actually like, 40, but in the bar that night he looked about 25??

    22. It’s like Lorenzo all over again.

    23. Every time I hear them talk about the UK I think of Wren. Surely he’s a part of this.

    24. Mary: “What really happened?” Marco: “We have no idea.” This is the most logical and honest the Rosewood police have ever been.

    25. Lol at Marco thinking Spencer has a problem with law enforcement when clearly it’s the opposite heh heh heh.


    26. This Ezria stress is too much, honestly.

    27. But also who even leaves voicemails these days.

    28. Just another friendly reminder that Ezra is 100 years old.

    29. OK so Hanna is really doing this. She’s really going into business with Lucas? What a strange subplot.

    30. Oooh, the burner phone is ringing!

    31. Honestly, Hanna carrying that goddamn burner phone around with her omg. So ridiculous. Where did she even find a charger to fit it?

    32. Hanna’s wildly looking around the cafe, as though the person is just going to pop up behind the door, “LOL SIKE, HANNA, HERE I AM.”

    33. Love that Aria is saying the person on the phone has “a voice that sounds like Rollins”. Do you mean “British”?

    34. Aw, Emily, trying to insert herself into other peoples’ love lives. Poor old lonely Em.

    35. Aha, a Sara Harvey spotting! Why is she hanging out with Jenna though. Oh, and where is our buddy Noel Kahn?

    36. Back at it with the Lost Woods Resort.

    37. Why is Mary staying here instead of in Ali’s big-ass mansion?

    38. Wtf even is their relationship?

    39. Mary’s speaking about Rollins like she’s known him forever, but isn’t her cover story that they only met recently? Idk I honestly can’t keep track.

    40. “Spencer, wait! He’s dangerous! Take this crowbar which is definitely a good idea.” Lmao.

    41. Aria: "Ezra proposed.” Hanna: "Marriage? When?”

    42. Nah, he proposed we eat a big ol’ pizza for dinner, Hanna. Get it together.

    43. Aria… Ezra has been with you for seven whole seasons of bullshit, I think he knows what he’s getting himself into. Chill.

    44. Why is that shady-looking cop watching them from a car?


    45. Oh, HELLO Caleb, welcome back, you sly dog.

    46. It’s so weird seeing the boys (who sadly now are just Caleb and Ezra) talking because it never happens any more.

    47. This bro chat got deep. Poor Ezra just wanted to get some work done and along came sappy old Caleb.

    48. All this talking in metaphors lmao, really relatable to all twentysomething guys I’m sure.

    49. Conversations between guys on shows: “Is there a happy ending?”

    50. Conversations my boyfriend has with his friends IRL: “Let’s play that pew-pew game and I’mma fuck you up.”

    51. Oh man, Emily is HOT in that bartending outfit.

    52. But also tending bar in heels seems very impractical.

    53. Of course Jenna just sits there creepily playing an instrument, that is the most Jenna thing I have ever seen.


    55. Who keeps a folder titled “Charlotte DiLaurentis”???? Like, at least keep it as a hidden name.

    56. Hasn't Emily learned about how perceptive Jenna is though? Surely she’ll sense her snooping.

    57. How tf is Jenna involved in this nonsense anyway?

    58. Lol Sara bursting out of the shower just in time to save Emily from clicking any further.

    59. Oh look, a flashback!

    60. Charlotte is searching for her birth mother? Isn’t that Mary? Or does CeCe not know that?

    61. Man, I have no idea any more.

    62. I do not understand this Jenna and Charlotte friendship tbh.

    63. Then again, I still don’t understand half the connections in this show. (If someone understands plz let us know in the comments, this is a mess.)

    64. Surely Jenna is lying though. This makes her seem too innocent?

    65. Sara wants Emily to be safe? A likely story.

    66. Like, all of a sudden Shower Harvey has gone from giving Emily blank, deluded stares and evil smiles to being like, “I AM TRYING TO PROTECT YOU!”

    67. Sounds fake but OK.


    68. Sorry but I’m finding it hard to buy this whole Spencer and Caleb bs.

    69. Caleb needs to stop packing up and running away every time he fights with a girlfriend tbh.

    70. Spencer: “We both made mistakes.”

    71. Once again Spencer’s cheating remains on the sly.

    72. What a speech from Spencer though.

    73. Caleb’s just like, “okeh”. And I am having the same reaction.

    74. But actually why isn’t he saying anything?? He’s just sitting there smiling weirdly.

    75. Where’s all the talking from the other episode, Caleb? Cat got your tongue?

    76. Obviously the PLL writers are, like, done with Spaleb for good. “Quick guys, we don’t have that many episodes left, let’s get on that Hanna and Caleb vibe.”

    77. RIP Spaleb. We hardly knew ye.

    78. SO good to see Ali snooping through Mary’s shit and calling her on her BS.

    79. Who would have thought that the scenes with Ali and M.D. would be the best of the lot?

    80. Manipulative Ali is the best Ali.

    81. Um, that is not what C-section scars are meant to look like. I’ve seen Grey’s Anatomy, I know what’s up.

    82. OMG. “The doctor was impatient – after a while he cut me open and took the baby out.”

    83. God, between the incompetent police and doctors in this town, it’s amazing anyone is actually alive.

    84. Ugh, Aria is being so dramatic with Ezra acting like a murder has never gone down in Rosewood before, and he’ll dump her when he hears she accidentally killed then purposely buried a man.

    85. But…she has literally shot someone dead before and he stayed with her. Remember Shana?

    86. Emily just said to Ali: “You don’t need to go through this alone.”

    87. Read through the lines, Alison. Emily wants the V.

    88. Oh man, that creepy cop is still watching.

    89. That is 100% a mask.

    90. Praying that it’s Rollins under there.

    91. Or Wren.

    92. Or even Noel Kahn, idgaf, just give me some real drama.


    93. Hanna talking about this dream and remembering it so vividly makes me think that it was actually Sara or Jenna in a Spencer mask.


    95. “WAS THAT WREN ON THE PHONE?” - Me every time I hear that English accent.

    96. So who is this mysterious mask officer outside Ali’s house?

    97. Rosewood police back at it again, not realising the person on duty protecting Alison is a fake.


    99. Oops. Here we go.

    100. Wait who called for back-up? That fake ass cop sure as shit didn’t.

    101. Yaaas Detective Fury is asking the important questions, about why the officer wasn’t actually at his post.

    102. If that was Toby he’d be like, “wow, this is so strange” while thoughtfully chewing a gummy bear.

    103. YAY EZRIA!!!!!!!!

    104. Congrats on the most boring proposal in the history of the world though guys. You obviously didn’t read our thoughts last time on the boring candles lighting up the kitchen, but THAT’S FINE.

    105. UGH I am sick of this Emison nonsense.

    106. Emison fans: “Omg this sexual tension!”

    107. Me: **asleep with a bit of drool coming out of my mouth**

    108. Whooooo is Sara running away from?

    109. OK great we’re back in the woods.

    110. Plz don’t tell me that they’re going to try to exhume old Rollins.

    111. Oh yep. They are. Lovely.

    112. Honestly those shovels were the best investment these bitches have ever made.


    113. OMG SARA IS DEAD?


    115. I never thought I’d laugh at a death but here we are.

    116. I gotta hand it to you, PLL writers, you have a sick sense of humour, and I LOVE IT.

    117. WHAT IF all this time Sara has been trying to protect the girls and then Jenna found out and killed her?

    118. Wildly waving her walking stick around.

    119. Nah. Surely not. TBH I have no clue what’s going on.

    120. Wait where is Noel Kahn?

    121. WHERE IS MONA?

    122. How did A rig up some technology in the woods to watch them dig that grave? Amazing, really.

    123. Lol all those masks. Is there such a thing as a mask fetish?


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