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    24 Of The Most Infuriating Photos Ever Taken In Australia

    Let me introduce you to a whole new (and incredibly wrong) way to say parma/parmi.

    1. Not only this tomato sauce charge, but also the outrageous thought of paying $1 for chicken salt.

    A basket of chicken salt in plastic containers, being sold for $1 each

    2. This pic of a perfectly good parma and chips, completely ruined by the placement of the chicken.

    A plate of chicken parmigiana, on top of chips, with a side salad

    3. And then we have this abomination of a parmigiana nickname.

    A chicken parmigiana and chips with the caption "the humble parmo"

    4. When the guy who took your coffee order swings the iPad around or hands you the card payment machine and you see this.

    A screenshot of an iPad with tip options

    5. This dropped pie at the footy.

    A pie lying face down on concrete underneath a stadium seat

    6. This outrageous price point.

    A plate of potato scallops with a sign saying they're $3

    7. Getting to a party and this being the only thing on the table.

    8. This straight-up spit in the face. No one even willingly orders a Filet-O-Fish.

    A McDonalds burger with a caption reading "Ordered a mcspicy and got a fillet-o-fish, fuckin spewin"

    9. This serving of Vegemite which is sure to put some lead in your pencil.

    A plate of Vegemite toast which is VERY thickly spread

    10. Speaking of Vegemite — this breakfast abomination.

    A jar of Vegemite with butter flecks in it

    11. This terrible way to make a glass of Milo.

    A glass of milk with a huge heaping of powdered Milo on top

    12. This delicious pavlova, instantly ruined by the decoration.

    A pavlova covered in strawberries and blueberries decorated to look like the US flag

    13. When you get to the beach and see these baddies lined up along the shore.

    A huge clump of bluebottles on sand

    14. This attempted log-in.

    A screenshot from myGov asking for a code from email

    15. This heartbreaking headline.

    A headline about 7-Eleven announcing the end of $1 coffees and Slurpees

    16. This genius of a man who ruined it all with his tap beer choice.

    A headline of a man in his backyard bar which has Fosters beer on tap

    17. This error message which loves to pop up at least once a day.

    A screenshot of a YouTube video that says 'video unavailable'

    18. Every single time you look at shipping fees:

    An online shopping order with a $1071.87 shipping fee

    19. This double blowout.

    A pair of thongs where both straps have been broken

    20. This abomination of a sausage sizzle.

    A sausage on top of onions in a piece of bread, topped with mustard

    21. When your car’s almost on empty and you drive past the servo to see this.

    Petrol price sign showing 221.9 cents a litre

    22. This proof that nothing is safe from inflation.

    A screenshot of Passion Pop being sold for $7

    23. Just...this.

    A jar of Vegemite iSnack 2.0

    24. And finally, the audacity of Allen's to release this in the wild.

    A bag of Allen's Spearmint lollies