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    19 Photos That Could Send Australians To An Early Grave

    I will never get that image of toasted fairy bread out of my mind.

    1. This truly disturbed attempt at fairy bread. Note the wholemeal toast, the square cuts and the lack of actual 100s and 1000s.

    2. This would-be perfect eggs benny, ruined by a hard-ass yolk.

    3. This photo outside Bunnings which surely must have been taken in an alternative dimension.

    4. This overseas menu serving up Passion Pop as some kind of fine wine.

    5. This result of a double-dipped knife which is an absolute kitchen no-no.

    6. This breakfast abomination which, let's be real, probably cost $7.

    7. And speaking of Vegemite, this toast combination which will haunt my dreams for all eternity

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    8. This reminder of what a day at the beach is *really* like.

    9. This sad and empty hulk, with only crumbs on the bottom to remind you of its former glory.

    10. This sad after-school snack which would make anyone gag.

    11. This "cookie" being sold by a cafe overseas.

    12. This poster of a truly cursed show.

    13. These chips which are the exact reason for the phrase "just because you can, doesn't mean you should".

    14. This bottle of nectar, tainted by the Christmas powers that be.

    15. This bag of the worst lolly known to man.

    16. This perfect pub snack, being ruined by the choice of sauce.

    17. This ad which is an offense to both pizza and parmy.

    18. This reminder of the worst part of every birthday party lolly bag.

    19. And lastly... This.