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    Posted on 29 Jul 2014

    32 Reasons Why Phoebe Tonkin Is One Flawless Goddess

    Like you even need an explanation.

    1. If you haven't already, it is time you aquaint yourself with the goddess that is Phoebe Tonkin.

    2. She is a ~flawless~ Australian actress and model who has a life that will make you immediately jealous.

    3. We can't forget her humble beginnings as Cleo the mermaid on the Aussie kids show H2O: Just Add Water.

    Network Ten

    4. Since then, she's starred in US TV shows The Secret Circle and Vampire Diaries.

    5. And is currently playing Hayley on The Originals.

    The CW

    6. Phoebe has an amazing sense of style...

    7. Something that has been evident since she was a little kid.

    8. In fact, she recently became one of the faces of Australian fashion label Cotton On.

    9. She hangs out with a vast array of famous and beautiful people, like Paul Wesley...

    10. And Nina Dobrev.

    11. And of course she was a beautiful bridesmaid at fellow Aussie Teresa Palmer's wedding.

    12. Her PJ game is right on point.

    13. Dat style.

    14. So many pyjamas!

    15. And she owns possibly the cutest kitty alive.

    16. She's no stranger to looking perfect on a red carpet.

    19. And has a huge space in her heart for Australian snacks.

    21. Her holiday snaps always look straight out of a catalogue.

    22. And they're very good at inducing jealousy.

    23. She's not afraid to make fun of herself.

    24. (Seriously though, how does she look so good in a facemask?)

    25. And keeps us amused with her sense of humour.

    26. Her Instagram is filled with recommendations of perfect books.

    28. And music suggestions.

    29. Phoebe runs a lifestyle blog with Teresa Palmer called Your Zen Life. It's all about personal health and wellness.

    30. Phoebe really is just a flawless bitch.

    31. A seriously classy lady.

    32. And we should all aspire to be just like her.

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