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    22 Things That Happen When You're Slightly Obsessed With Peter Alexander

    *Faints from smelling too many Glasshouse candles.*

    1. As soon as you walk into a Peter Alexander store, you're immediately comforted...

    2. ...because of that unmistakable mix of Glasshouse candles and soft, fuzzy fabrics.

    3. It's impossible for you to go into a store without wanting to buy something.

    Especially if there's a sale.

    4. You find that you buy at least one thing from every collection.

    5. But then a collection comes out that you fall in love with, and you need to buy every. single. thing.

    6. You're constantly broke because things there aren't exactly ~cheap~.

    7. But you've gotten to the point where you can justify $70 on a pair of slippers that you'll never wear out of the house.

    8. You've even bought a set just because of the bag or box it comes in.

    9. Or you'll buy things that can only really be worn on one day of the year.

    10. You own more eye masks than you could ever use.

    11. And you have at least one old set of pyjamas you never wear anymore, but can't bring yourself to get rid of.

    12. You have an unnecessary number of candles in your house.

    13. And you've been known to wear pyjamas as day wear.

    14. Because it totally works.

    15. You have a whole drawer dedicated to your many, many sets of PA pyjamas.

    16. Though you have a favourite pair that you just wear constantly.

    17. You've definitely thought about buying some of the adorable kids' sets... even though you don't have kids.

    18. Ditto the dog outfits.

    19. Every Christmas, you get so many pyjamas because everyone knows you love them.

    20. You love that a new collection comes out at least once a month...

    21. ...but it makes it hard to justify buying so many things in a short space of time.

    22. Though you always manage to find a way.

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