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    26 Photos Showing Just How Different Taylor Swift's Life Is To Yours

    We can't all get flower cubes from Kanye.

    1. Taylor Swift's pizza parties:

    Normal people's pizza parties:

    Imgur: alistairs / Via

    2. Taylor Swift's Coachella:

    Coachella for normal people:

    BuzzFeed / Via

    3. Rollercoaster photos for Taylor Swift:

    Rollercoaster photos for normal people:

    Imgur: Jesuits4Life / Via

    4. Taylor Swift's vacation photos:

    Normal vacation photos:

    5. Taylor Swift's 4th of July party:

    Normal people's 4th of July:

    6. Taylor Swift shopping at Target:

    Normal people shopping at Target:

    Reddit: Stolengoose / Via

    7. Taylor Swift baking:

    Normal people baking:

    8. Taylor Swift travelling:

    Normal people travelling:

    Reddit: Wrathchild89 / Via

    9. Taylor Swift at the airport:

    Normal people at the airport:

    10. Taylor Swift in Times Square:

    Normal people in Times Square:

    Imgur: Iputperiodsaftercomments / Via

    11. Taylor Swift celebrating birthdays:

    Normal people celebrating birthdays:

    12. Taylor Swift getting flowers:

    Normal people getting flowers:

    Reddit: catfor / Via

    13. Taylor Swift's squad goals:

    Normal people squad goals:

    Imgur: JoseYoungs / Via

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