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This Pasta-Straining Technique Is Really Blowing People's Minds

I'm shocked and hungry.

I think we can all agree that pasta is damn delicious, and almost* the most perfect and versatile food on the planet?

And it's just so damn easy to make. Boil the water, add the pasta, wait a while, pour the pasta and water into a strainer, and you're done! Bone app the teeth.

But wait a second. What if there was an easier way to drain your pasta than balancing your strainer in the sink, then trying to pour everything into it without splashing boiling water everywhere? Well, uh, there might be...

A lot of people are pretty damn shocked by the news.

Though I suppose there is a certain art to it, as a sinkful of pasta is truly not ideal.

And it does mean that you're not washing your pasta. But it would be good if you were planning to make, say, a carbonara, or another one-pot pasta.

ALSO you'd have to make sure that your strainer is the exact right size to fit into your pot!

There are a lot of variables going on here, but, in theory, I like this colander trick. And so do literally thousands of people online.