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36 Facts About Australian Food That Will Make You Say "Huh... How About That"

One in three glasses of wine drunk in Australia come from a cask.

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1. Cherry Ripe is Australia's oldest chocolate bar, and was first produced in 1924.

2. According to Food Standards of Australia and New Zealand, meat pies can legally contain meat from "buffalo, camel, cattle, deer, goat, hare, pig, poultry, rabbit or sheep".

3. Australians eat 45 million packets of Tim Tams a year.

4. Tim Tams were named after the horse that won the Kentucky Derby in 1958.

5. McDonald's restaurants in Singapore sell Iced Milo.

6. Golden Gaytimes are called Cookie Crumble in New Zealand. The tagline is still: "It's hard to have a Cookie Crumble on your own".

7. A recipe for chocolate crackles was first published in 1937.

8. Kellogg's trademarked chocolate crackles 15 years after they were widely known.

9. For their first two years in production, Paddle Pops were only available in chocolate flavour.


10. The guy who invented Paddle Pops was told by his uncle that the ice creams would be a "nine-day wonder".

11. Bacon-flavoured Twisties were sold in Australia in the 1970s, but were discontinued after a year due to poor sales.

12. In Italy, Twisties are called "Fonzies".

13. Dim sims were invented in Australia in 1945.

14. Pavlova is definitely from New Zealand.

15. It was named after ballerina Anna Pavlova who visited Wellington in 1926.

16. Maltesers were originally called "energy balls" and marketed to young women trying to lose weight.

17. Chicos are named after the Spanish word for "children".

18. For a space of seven years in the 1920s, Vegemite was renamed "Parwill", during an advertising campaign designed to outsell Marmite. Their slogan was "Ma might, but Parwill". It didn't work, and they went back to Vegemite in 1935.

19. Bertie Beetles were originally invented as a way to use up leftover honeycomb from the production of Violet Crumble.

20. And Violet Crumbles have that name because the inventor's wife loved the flowers.

21. In the first year that Yowies were on the market, a reported 31 million were sold, which averages to be 2.5 Yowies per Australian.

22. Rainbow Paddle Pops are actually caramel flavour with food colouring added.

23. Milky Way bars float in milk.

24. Lamingtons were named for Lord Lamington. Turns out he hated them, calling the cakes "those bloody poofy woolly biscuits".

25. There is an Australian law which prevents Anzac biscuits from being called cookies. Subway wanted to sell Anzacs at their Australian stores, but couldn't, because of their insistence to call them cookies.

26. Freddo Frogs were almost going to be chocolate mice.

27. Caramello Koala has a real name: George.

28. Fruit Tingles contain sodium bicarbonate, which is an effective antacid, causing midwives to prescribe them to pregnant women.

29. The flat white was "invented" by Aussie barista Alan Preston in 1985 after being inspired by Italian immigrants who made similar coffee in Queensland.

30. In the early 1930s, when Smith's Chips were first produced, they included a packet of salt, because machines to pre-salt chips had not yet been invented.

31. Goon sacks came about when winemaker Tom Angove was looking for an way to sell half-gallon flagons of wine. It's believed goon got its name as a shortened version of "flagon".

32. One in every three glasses of wine consumed in Australia come out of a cask.

33. Aeroplane Jelly started with a tram driver making jelly crystals in his bathtub.

34. According to a 1927 print ad, the correct pronunciation for Passiona is "Pash-Ona".

35. The number of fish fingers sold in Australia each year would cover an area the size of Tasmania.

36. Bubble O' Bill ice creams used to have slogans printed on the gumball nose, including "Go for your guns" and, "It's a hoe-down".

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