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17 Foolproof Ways To Be More Organised In 2018

I know we say it every year, but let's make 2018 the best year yet!

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Recently we asked members of the BuzzFeed Community for their best tips and tricks that keep them organised. Here are some of the best responses:

1. Decorate your space, so you actually want to be there.

"Find items you actually like looking at each day and that make you happy, be it shelving, file folders, a set of pens, or storage bins. Get cheap organisational pieces and spray paint them or cover them in contact paper if you like. You have to look at these things daily – at work or home – so make them beautiful and make them yours." – alissad

2. Keep all your files in order.

"I use OneDrive to sync ALL my files, though you can use any cloud you want. I keep absolutely anything I need all together in a file system, and I put OneDrive on every device so it's just a click and drag away when I need to file something.

Important: Don't name all your files and folders 'ajdjfks' or 'doc 1', 'doc 2' etc. You will never find anything." – loohoo222

You could also try: Google Drive, DropBox, or Box.

3. Or stick to hard copies, but store them all in one place.

"I keep a binder of all my important documents together. Bank statements, social security card, birth certificate, voter registration, insurance information, etc. Everything has a folder in the binder, and it always goes back in the folder after I use it for something." – loohoo222


4. Clean as you go.

"I have a 'One Touch Rule'. As soon as I use something, I can't put it down unless it is in its proper spot. For example, as soon as I take off my jacket, it gets hung up in the closet, instead of thrown on a chair. It helps things from getting out of hand. That way, my place always looks clean and I feel more productive/pulled together." – RedPanda45

5. Keep it simple and portable with one piece of paper.


"As a uni student, I find I have too many things in my brain to keep track of. So I write everything out on one piece of notebook paper. This one has assignments and midterms (listed by priority) on the front, and a grocery list and to-do list on the back. Then I can easily fold it up and keep it in my back pocket. I like to have super easy, 24/7 access to an easy to read and understand list of everything going on in my life. When I finish something, I cross it off, and when the paper gets too old or I finish everything on it, I make a new one!" – katherinew

6. Take time on a Sunday to think about the week ahead.

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Whether that means writing a to-do list for each day, meal-prepping lunches and dinners, or just being aware of any events, use your Sunday evenings to get yourself ready.

"Every Sunday I work out what's happening the next week and tidy so I'm prepared." – elspethg

7. Write everything down.

"I like day-to-a-page planners because they help me to not procrastinate. If I write down what I need to do at a specific time, rather than just writing it down, I'll be more inclined to do it at that specific time. I write everything in here, so I'm constantly looking at it. I find that physically writing things down helps me to remember it better than typing it." – s131330


8. Find a colour-coding system that works for you.

If you're studying then assign each subject a different colour, and use those colours when making study or exam timetables. If you're working, use different colours for different things in your life: work/exercise/family/social time. This can help make your calendar look a little less overwhelming.


9. Get some containers and keep everything organised.

"I’m obsessed with containers and plastic drawers, of all sizes. I will group like items such as electronic wires, medicines, face washes, lotions, etc. and store them appropriately. A simple incorporation of this has been revolutionary. There’s a place for everything and I don’t spend an hour looking for that other shoe. It has also been great for me to be more realistic about my hoarding. When I come across an expired product, I’ve been more active about throwing it away." – madisona

10. Stay on top of small tasks to stop them building up.

"I try go by the 'two-minute rule'. If you see something that needs to be done and it will take less that two minutes, do it then and don't wait. It's a great way to check a bunch of small things off your to-do list in a short amount of time!" – mindilewis11

11. Try out bullet journaling.

"I recently discovered the bullet journal technique and have been using it since. It's simple and you can adjust it depending on what you need. I usually spend 10-15 minutes a day writing and reflecting, to know what I have to do or what assignment that I have to submit for the day." – keziac


12. Or keep it more simple, but have a notebook on you at all times.

"Always keep a notebook with you. I prefer the pocket-size from Moleskine. I keep everything in here: to-do lists, shopping lists, wish lists, meal plans, writing ideas, etc. Personally, I'm too lazy to do a bullet journal but do whatever works for you. I find writing things down helps commit them to memory." – rh1223

13. Find a calendar you can sync with everyone in your family or household.

"If you have a family and are having a hard time managing everyone's schedules, I highly recommend the Cozi app. It's a really user-friendly shared calendar/family organizer." – rh1223

14. Plan your meals a week ahead.

"I write a week's worth of dinner and lunch on the fridge with whiteboard markers. Then I do my grocery shop online (no impulse purchases or hungry overshops!). I've found I'm saving money, time, and never have to think of a dinner after a long day at work." – torih

Check out this free template you can print off as a guide.

15. If you can't stand the idea of writing in a physical planner, find an app that does the same thing.

"Trello is like bullet journalling but without the effort or physical anything. On there I keep my tasks divided into a permanent set of lists: Today, Tonight, Tomorrow, This Week, This Weekend, On Pay Day, Whenever. I can move the tasks from one to the other, if they're recurring or postponed. Both the app and the web version are great, so I have it on hand pretty much all the time.

I don't go to sleep until my Today/Tonight list is empty, either from having done the tasks or postponed them to another later list. I've been doing this for a couple years and no other system has worked for me other than this one!" – Marie-Claude Bennett, Facebook


16. Revisit what you've accomplished each night, and start each morning right.

"At the end of my day, I have 15 minutes carved out to revisit what I’ve accomplished during the day and plan out what tomorrow (and the days after) need to look like. I put all the things I’m anxious about getting done on paper, and then I’m able to put it aside and go to sleep. I don’t stay up and obsess because I’ve got a game plan.

In the morning, I take five minutes to review and refresh, then hit the ground running. If you want to stay on top of things and get things done, you HAVE to have a game plan. Even if the plan fluctuates during the day (because this is real life and it will) you need to know where you’re going, and have a plan of how to get there." – Laurie Taylor, Facebook

17. Be inspired.

"If you’re a student and haven’t yet searched up 'studyblr' on tumblr, what are you doing?? It is so inspirational and will make you want to reorganize everything and be productive immediately!!" – arinaaah

Check out hashtags on Instagram like #bulletjournal, #deskgoals, or accounts like @neatmethod, @thehomeedit, @jhonstudies, and @iheartorganising.

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