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    33 Defining Moments Of Every '00s School Disco

    Enough hair mascara and body glitter to makeover an army.

    1. Cardboard posters that say "DISCO" in fluro letters.

    2. Someone wearing a shirt that they decorated or tie-dyed themselves.

    3. Glitter eyeshadow.

    4. And a lot of glitter body gel.

    5. Someone trying to channel Marissa Cooper with blue eyeliner.


    6. Girls applying The Body Shop lip balm.

    7. Someone who went way too OTT on the hair product.

    20th Century Fox

    8. A guy drenching himself with Lynx body spray.


    9. Ditto a girl with Impulse.

    10. Someone trying to rap all the words to an Eminem song.


    11. And someone who knew all the dance moves to an S Club 7 bop.


    12. A girl with crimped hair.

    Channel 4

    13. A girl who used way too much hair mascara.

    14. And a guy trying to pull off a ~cool dude~ fedora.


    15. People using their iZone cameras to capture all the good times.

    16. Someone wearing double denim.

    Mark J. Terrill / ASSOCIATED PRESS

    17. And someone was definitely wearing these kitten heel thongs.

    David Falk / Getty Images

    18. A science teacher doing some horrible moves on the dance floor.

    19. A group of girls standing on one side of the room giggling and staring at a group of boys on the other side of the room with their hands in their pockets.

    Walt Disney Pictures
    Walt Disney Pictures

    20. Someone getting mad at their mum for picking them up right outside, instead of waiting around the corner.


    21. The "Macarena", the "Nutbush" and "5,6,7,8".

    22. And of course, "Mambo Number Five".

    23. A very, very awkward and slobbery first kiss.


    24. Enough Supre clothes to fill an entire store.

    25. Five girls wearing the same dress in a slightly different pattern.

    26. Boys laughing at their mates for dancing with a girl.


    27. Glow sticks.

    28. People "slow dancing" by touching each other's shoulders, standing really far apart, and swaying.

    MTV Films

    29. Someone crying in the bathroom.


    30. A dance circle.


    31. People pushing their friends into the middle of the dance circle.


    32. Boys trying to break dance.


    33. And a girl wearing ridiculous high heels that she couldn't walk in.

    Channel 10

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