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Guys, Scottish Fold Cats Are Honestly The Cutest Fucking Things Ever

Get ready for your heart to melt.

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1. You guys, we need to talk about Scottish Fold cats.

Instagram: @marlow_the_scottishgent

2. They're straight-up the most superior cat species on the planet.

Instagram: @winter_is_acat

3. They're easy to spot because they all have flattened ears.

Instagram: @kana_suco

4. And always just generally look like they DGAF.

Instagram: @jarrodalt

5. They also usually have really round faces and eyes, so they kinda look like owls.

Instagram: @millathecat

6. And they're just so fucking cute.

Instagram: @nekonomarti

7. Don't deny it, you're being wooed by their adorable faces.

Instagram: @bigglesworth

8. Even dog-lovers couldn't say no to these kitties.

Instagram: @wwwweeeee361

10. That belly really wants to be rubbed.

Instagram: @scottish5_j3

11. Imagine how good it would be to come home to this face every night.

Instagram: @lilpat_m

12. Or to have this cutie cuddling in your bed on cold winter nights.

Instagram: @squeakachew

13. And they're always willing to help out with babysitting duties.

Instagram: @arariyaaaa

14. They'll never stop keeping you amused.

Instagram: @koku_bluecrow

15. But simultaneously have no time for your nonsense.

Instagram: @nekoplus5656

16. Because they're classy and dignified creatures.

Instagram: @yummybfast

17. Who want to love you, but also let you know they're the boss.

Instagram: @rokuthecat

18. And they'll always give you A+ photo opportunities.

Instagram: @taylorswift

19. Gosh, aren't cats just the best?

Instagram: @nekonolucy

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