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37 Reasons You Want To Experience "Harry Potter" For The First Time Again

Wouldn't it be nice to feel that magic all over again?

1. So you could read that first magical sentence and have no idea of the wonder that was waiting for you in the next seven books.

2. For the excitement of Harry getting his first Hogwarts letter.

3. The amazement and wonder when you're first introduced to the Wizarding World through Diagon Alley.

4. The mystery surrounding Nicholas Flamel and sharing the determination of the trio in figuring him out.

5. The shocking reveal that OMG IT WAS QUIRRELL? P-poor, st-stuttering, Professor Quirrell?!

6. Meeting the Burrow for the first time and instantly feeling at home.

7. Wondering who the hell was doing all the whack stuff when the Chamber of Secrets was opened and NEVER SUSPECTING it was poor little Ginny.

8. Actually believing that HAGRID opened the Chamber 50 years ago.

9. Hating the shit out of Snape and swearing that he was a baddie through and through.

10. Also hating the shit out of Sirius for the better part of a book.

11. Watching Harry use the Marauder's Map without knowing his dad helped make it.

12. Wondering who the hell sent Harry a Firebolt for Christmas.

13. Freaking out when Harry's name came out of the Goblet of Fire.

14. That horrible and unexpected moment when it turns out the Triwizard cup is a portkey and Cedric dies.

15. The sickening feeling of dread when Voldemort first comes out of the cauldron and you realise that shit is about to get real.

16. Finding out that Moody has actually been Barty Crouch Jr THIS WHOLE TIME.

17. That agonising month before Harry's trial, wondering if he would be expelled or not.

18. And that short, short space of time where Umbridge had the potential to be a nice teacher.

19. Wondering what was going on when "Harry" attacked Mr. Weasley.

20. Thinking Sirius was actually in danger at the Ministry.

21. Hearing Dumbledore say: "It is time for me to tell you what I should have told you five years ago, Harry. Please sit down. I am going to tell you everything," and getting actual chills of anticipation.

22. Stepping into Weasley's Wizarding Wheezes for the first time.

23. That surge of anger/betrayal/confusion when Snape was announced as the DADA professor.

24. Having no idea what a Horcrux was.

25. Wondering who the Half Blood Prince could be.


27. AND WHO IS R.A.B.?!

28. That amazing feeling when you opened your Deathly Hallows book for the first time.

29. Trying to figure out what the remaining Horcruxes were and where they might be.

30. WHERE did Gryffindor's sword suddenly come from?!

31. Wondering how the hell the trio were going to escape Malfoy Manor.

32. The anticipation of plotting the break in at Gringotts.

33. Just the whole Battle of Hogwarts. Not knowing who would live or die. Not knowing what would happen to Voldemort.

34. The realisation that Snape was actually a good guy and the remorse for how vehemently you hated him.

35. That moment in the Great Hall where Harry and Voldemort are circling each other and you can practically feel the electricity coming off the page.

36. The rush of emotion when you read "Nineteen Years Later".

37. And the feeling of disgust when you find out what Harry named his kids.

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