17 Instagram Accounts For Everyone Who Loves New Zealand

Beware: these photos will give you an overwhelming desire to book a one-way plane ticket.

1. @Bare_Kiwi


Bare Kiwi offers up stunning travel pics that show off how beautiful the country really is. It’ll make you want to pack your suitcase immediately.

2. @backpackingmatt


Matt is an adventurous American who somehow found himself living in NZ’s South Island. He documents his adventures via this wonderful Instagram account.

3. @bnw_newzealand


This black and white Insta shows off the raw beauty of the country, and will fill your feed with breathtaking and artistic photos.

4. @seandgi

https://instagram.com/seandgi / https://instagram.com/seandgi / https://instagram.com/seandgi


Sean Gillespie uses his Instagram to share stunning photos of Wellington and the picturesque areas surrounding it.

5. @yestoadventure


Jamie is a horse riding instructor on the South Island and takes artistic, scenic photos which look like they’re straight out of Lord Of The Rings.

6. @chelebanks


MIchele’s photos show off the effortless beauty surrounding Wellingtonians in their everyday life.

7. @youngadventuress


Liz is an American who moved to NZ to pursue her dreams, and take some stunning photos along the way.

8. @thelongsilence


For magical photos of New Zealand from completely new perspectives, give this Insta a follow. You won’t regret it.

9. @kieransteele


If you’re a fan of stunning beachscapes, and unique photos of cities like Christchurch, then this is the Instagram for you.

10. @purenewzealand


The New Zealand official tourism account certainly does its job well, giving us extreme wanderlust and a desire to explore the country from top to bottom.

11. @wingsofafeather


Mindy Lamoureux is an adventure blogger based in NZ and never fails to get the most stunning photos that really capture the atmosphere of the cities and country.

12. @ck_travelette


Carolin quit her job in Germany to move to NZ and take astonishing photos. Lucky for us, she’s decided to give us a glimpse into her very photogenic life!

13. @jr.pics


For extraordinary photos which accurately capture the overwhelming beauty of New Zealand, follow this account which will brighten up your feed every day.

14. @theadventureiscalling


This Queenstown-based photographer is really living her best life. A mix of impressive nature shots mingled with photos of all her adventures: hot-air ballooning, paragliding and dog-sledding.

15. @shaun_jeffers


Follow Shaun for rich and colourful photos of Auckland, as well as stunning images which will make you want to jump through your screen and enjoy it in person.

16. @watch_myback


Based right up the top of the North Island, this photographer shares a wide variety of photos which are all as equally glorious as each other.

17. @ecowanakaadventures


If you’re a fan of the South Island, follow this impressive Instagram account which is all about showing off the Wanaka region and its beauty and splendour.

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Jemima Skelley is a senior writer for BuzzFeed and is based in Sydney.
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