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    22 Reasons Nurses Should Get Paid Minimum Wage And Not A Cent More

    Because it's not like they work under near-apocalyptic conditions, right?

    1. They never really have to do anything too out of the ordinary.

    2. And nothing gross ever actually happens to them.

    3. Plus it's a job where emotions will never get involved.

    4. The patients they deal with are always easy and cooperative.

    5. And so are their families.

    6. Nurses are basically just glorified secretaries.

    7. Their work isn't physical at all.

    8. Their working hours are always normal.

    9. They actually have heaps of spare time.

    10. And it's not like they ever have to do overtime.

    11. Plus, the work is super cruisy.

    12. They nap, like, all the time.

    13. And their work/sleep/social life balance is completely normal.

    14. Because as soon as they have time off, there's always enough energy for fun stuff.

    15. The stuff nurses have to know is all super straight-forward and easy.

    16. And once they've learned it, that's it! No more to study.

    17. And that knowledge is never taken advantage of by other people.

    18. They don't even really help patients.

    Nearly two years ago, I got deathly sick and ended up in the HDU. Nurses monitored me, washed me, comforted me, and medicated me. I vomited on them, rambled to them, cried to them. Their gentleness, kindness, and expertise saved my life and heart. We *must* pay them well.

    19. They're basically just putting bandaids on people and giving them pills.

    There few things in life that are certain: 1: death 2: taxes 3: The patient with the most mind numbingly foul bowel movements will be placed in rooms closest to the nurse’s station and/or the break room

    20. And it's always easy to talk to other people about their work.

    21. Sometimes they don't even have to work five days a week!

    22. And there are so many nurses, they can always just take a day off.

    By minimum wage, we obviously mean that nurses deserve a salary of roughly $1,000,000 per year. They are all superheroes. 👏👏👏