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    27 Recipes That Every Aussie Probably Ate At Least Once While Growing Up

    Why am I craving apricot chicken?

    1. Beef Stroganoff

    2. Tuna mornay

    Tuna mornay was a staple in a lot of Aussie households back in the '90s (and probably still today). It's absolutely LOADED with cheese, and would make a perfect comfort dinner. Alternatively, tuna pasta bake is another good option to try out. 

    3. Caramel slice

    4. Rissoles

    5. Meatloaf

    6. Toffees

    7. Curried eggs

    curried egg mayo sando, eaten (as is customary) on someone else’s ledge

    Curried eggs are so simple, but so damn good. Also what's the deal with how half of the good foods we ate as a kid are perfect sandwich fillers?

    8. Chocolate crackles

    9. Honey Joys

    10. Zucchini slice

    Zucchini slice using home grown Zucchini’s. Not bad from me 😊

    Considering this was just a sneaky way for Mum to load you up with hidden veggies, a zucchini slice is actually straight-up delicious. It's probably all the cheese. 

    11. Cheesymite scroll

    12. Apricot chicken

    🍑🍗This Slow Cooker Apricot Chicken is an excellent meal for a busy weeknight! Recipe:

    Now who the hell thought of combining apricots and chicken — and why the hell does it work so well? A lot of Aussies probably have fond memories of their mum's apricot chicken, so why not give it a go.

    13. An Australian Women's Weekly Cake

    14. White choc macadamia cookies

    15. Egg and bacon pie

    16. Corned beef silverside

    17. Vanilla slice

    18. Butterfly cakes

    Making Butterfly Cupcakes today for @Ymcabarry ‘s fundraising cake week 😋🍰✨ #Baking

    These cupcakes aren't really about the recipe, they're about the assembly and presentation. Honestly, just use boxed cake mix and you'll still get a great result.

    19. Shepherd's pie

    20. Coconut jam slice

    Food styling is not (yet) a skill of mine. Food making on the other hand... @iquitsugar Coconut Jam Slice. Highly …

    I don't know about you but I haven't thought about these in a good 15 years. And now I really, really want to make one. 

    21. ANZAC bikkies

    22. Chocolate spiders

    23. Curried sausages

    It's a curried Gagebrook Scallops sort of night. #CurriedSnags

    Curried snags (sausages swimming in curry gravy) are the most '80s food ever, but damn they sure hit the spot. 

    24. Pea and ham soup

    25. Salmon patties

    26. Melting moments

    27. And finally, cheese and bacon rolls