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    27 Recipes That Every Aussie Probably Ate At Least Once While Growing Up

    Why am I craving apricot chicken?

    1. Beef Stroganoff

    Flickr: Cobalt123 / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: cobalt

    Spag bol and beef strog are two dishes that are often on high rotation in Aussie kitchens. The key to a good stroganoff is, of course, the creamy mushroom gravy. 

    2. Tuna mornay

    Tuna mornay was a staple in a lot of Aussie households back in the '90s (and probably still today). It's absolutely LOADED with cheese, and would make a perfect comfort dinner. Alternatively, tuna pasta bake is another good option to try out. 

    3. Caramel slice

    Flickr: Ruth Hartnup / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: ruthanddave

    A quintessentially Aussie snack, caramel slice is pretty easy to make — considering there are three layers going on. Sweetened condensed milk is the key here. 

    4. Rissoles

    Flickr: jules / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: stone-soup

    You can't beat rissoles for a delicious and nostalgic dinner. They're even better the next day in a sandwich with tomato sauce. 

    5. Meatloaf

    Flickr: jeffreyw / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: jeffreyww

    Meatloaf is good. Meatloaf laced with BBQ sauce is a dinner blessed by God. Plus, it's an excellent next-day sandwich filling.

    6. Toffees

    7. Curried eggs

    curried egg mayo sando, eaten (as is customary) on someone else’s ledge

    Curried eggs are so simple, but so damn good. Also what's the deal with how half of the good foods we ate as a kid are perfect sandwich fillers?

    8. Chocolate crackles

    Flickr: aenigmates / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: aenigmates

    Making chocolate crackles calls for a whole block of copha, which is essentially just solid fat. YUM. Of course you can find healthy recipes out there, but it's just not the same. 

    9. Honey Joys

    Flickr: Nicole / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: 28691409@N05

    These are definitely the lesser cake stall treat, but still hit the spot as an afternoon snack. It's literally just butter, sugar, honey, and corn flakes — no wonder they're so delicious. 

    10. Zucchini slice

    Zucchini slice using home grown Zucchini’s. Not bad from me 😊

    Considering this was just a sneaky way for Mum to load you up with hidden veggies, a zucchini slice is actually straight-up delicious. It's probably all the cheese. 

    11. Cheesymite scroll

    Flickr: mermaid / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: mermaid99

    Almost everyone has tried their hand at baking sourdough during lockdown, but let's be real: Baking a cheesymite scroll would be a much better use of your time. I promise you it's easier than it sounds. 

    12. Apricot chicken

    🍑🍗This Slow Cooker Apricot Chicken is an excellent meal for a busy weeknight! Recipe:

    Now who the hell thought of combining apricots and chicken — and why the hell does it work so well? A lot of Aussies probably have fond memories of their mum's apricot chicken, so why not give it a go.

    13. An Australian Women's Weekly Cake

    Women's Weekly / Via

    You don't need to get your hands on an original Women's Weekly cookbook to make one of these iconic creations. They're all posted online, perfect for an afternoon of baking and inevitable frustration. 

    14. White choc macadamia cookies

    Flickr: Annie / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: 27129991@N03

    If they're not chewy in the middle and kinda crispy on the outside, then there's literally no point to them. Subway does them well, but you can do them even better in your own kitchen. 

    15. Egg and bacon pie

    Wikimedia Commons / Via

    This is the perfect at-home brunch dish with mimosas, the perfect picnic food and the perfect hangover breakfast. Can't beat an egg and bacon pie.

    16. Corned beef silverside

    Flickr: jeffreyw / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: jeffreyww

    Whether you have it with gravy, veggies and mash, or you keep it in the fridge for a week's worth of sambos, you can't go wrong with silverside. 

    17. Vanilla slice

    Wikimedia Commons / Via

    You can't beat a nilly slice from a country bakery, but the homemade version goes pretty good too. Add some passionfruit to the icing to step it up a notch. 

    18. Butterfly cakes

    Making Butterfly Cupcakes today for @Ymcabarry ‘s fundraising cake week 😋🍰✨ #Baking

    These cupcakes aren't really about the recipe, they're about the assembly and presentation. Honestly, just use boxed cake mix and you'll still get a great result.

    19. Shepherd's pie

    Flickr: Dennis Wilkinson / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: djwtwo

    This one's a classic and truly the perfect dinner on a wintery Sunday. Make a giant batch and have leftovers all week. 

    20. Coconut jam slice

    Food styling is not (yet) a skill of mine. Food making on the other hand... @iquitsugar Coconut Jam Slice. Highly …

    I don't know about you but I haven't thought about these in a good 15 years. And now I really, really want to make one. 

    21. ANZAC bikkies

    Flickr: Tristan Ferne / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: tristanf

    How good is a homemade ANZAC biscuit? They're so easy to nail, you don't even need a food processor or blender. 

    22. Chocolate spiders

    Wikimedia Commons / Via

    This recipe literally just calls for peanut butter, chocolate and Chang's fried noodles. We love simplicity. 

    23. Curried sausages

    It's a curried Gagebrook Scallops sort of night. #CurriedSnags

    Curried snags (sausages swimming in curry gravy) are the most '80s food ever, but damn they sure hit the spot. 

    24. Pea and ham soup

    Flickr: Galant / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: galant

    Not sure what it is about pea and ham soup, but it's instantly comforting and nostalgic. Splurge on some fancy ham from the deli and you can really make it gourmet.

    25. Salmon patties

    Flickr: Scott Teresi / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: scott-teresi

    Salmon patties, fish cakes — whatever you want to make, be sure to douse it with sweet chilli sauce and sprinkle with coriander. So good.

    26. Melting moments

    Flickr: Edward Kimber / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: woodwood

    You can spice these up with raspberries or passionfruit, but you really can't beat a classic melting moment. That butter and icing sugar combo is out of this world. 

    27. And finally, cheese and bacon rolls

    Baker's Delight

    Cheese and bacon rolls? Delicious. Cheese and bacon rolls with extra cheese baked into the middle? Game-changing.

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