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17 Meals Every Aussie Had While Growing Up

That choccy milk + meat pie combo.

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2. Slightly overcooked rissoles drowned in tomato sauce.

Twitter: @AussieJessy

If you have Australian-born parents and you haven't had a meal of rissoles and basic veg then you're lying. Sure, they're pretty much just meatballs but damn they're a perfect dinner.


4. Vegemite and cheese sambo.

Instagram: @missy_me12 / Via

A lunchbox staple, most of us were blessed with this holy combo every day of primary school. It was usually on Wonder White but multigrain wasn't a dealbreaker.

6. Sunday lamb roast.

Twitter: @YumchaAddict

It wasn't every Sunday that mum would bother cooking a roast, she'd whip one out if you had guests or if it was a ~special occasion~. The potatoes were always the best part, and you'd end up fighting with your siblings over the best ones.

7. Chicken Tonight with rice and broccoli.

Even if you can't remember a specific time you ate this meal, you sure as hell remember those iconic "Mum, can we have chicken tonight tomorrow?!" ads? Just look at that basic Arial font.


8. Macca's on your way home from sport.

Twitter: @jkvlx

After getting all sweaty and exhausted playing soccer or netball, you'd always beg mum to get Macca's for dinner on the way home. She hardly ever said yes so it made it even sweeter when you succeeded.

10. Weet-Bix absolutely covered in sugar.

Twitter: @Rina_Puram

Mum preferred you to have "healthy" cereals instead of Frosties and Coco Pops. But when she turned her back you'd help out the natural flavours of Weet-Bix with a thick layer of sugar or a dollop of honey.

11. A Pizza Hut buffet lunch.

Twitter: @burnsdobbins

At least once a year, a kid in your grade at school would have a birthday party at the Pizza Hut buffet. It was basically an invitation to eat as much as you possibly could because your parents weren't there to rein you in.


12. A napkin full of cake stall goodies.

Twitter: @ranvir01

Every term when the fundraising cake stall was on at school it was like a challenge to see how much you could buy with whatever small sum your parents gave you. Do you want five 20 cent toffees, or one $1 butterfly sponge cupcake? These were life's true tough decisions.

13. A Saturday arvo BBQ.

Twitter: @n_mat

Whether it was at your place or a random relative's, you knew this was your chance to eat big. Of course you'd chow down on a sausage sandwich, but if you were lucky there was also a big ol' bowl of Coles potato salad and as much Passiona as your child-sized stomach could handle.

14. A meat pie and choccy milk.

Most commonly eaten as a pit-stop meal on a road trip, it didn't really matter where you sourced it. The holy grail of meat pies, though, are obviously found in the local bakeries of little towns just off the highway.

15. A Dagwood dog at the show.

Twitter: @InfinityTimesMe

I'm not quite sure who thought that deep-frying a frankfurter in batter and putting it on a stick was a good idea, but as a kid this shit was the food of the gods. And I guess it still kind of is. You'd end up with sauce everywhere but who even cared?

16. Friday night fish 'n' chips.

Twitter: @subble

When everyone was too tired or unbothered to cook at the end of the week, takeaways were definitely in order. Extra points if your chips came wrapped in butcher's paper, and you got a side order of calamari and dim sims.