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28 Photos That Show The Difference Between Hipster Restaurants And Normal Restaurants

Why is my fish on a washing line?

1. Normal breakfast:

Hipster breakfast:

2. Normal fish 'n' chips:

Hipster fish 'n' chips:

3. Normal dessert:

Hipster dessert:

4. Normal pasta bowl:

Hipster pasta bowl:

5. Normal takeaways:

Hipster takeaways:

6. Normal baked goods:

Hipster baked goods:

7. Normal burger and fries:

Hipster burger and fries:

8. Normal lemon tart:

Hipster lemon tart:

9. Normal seating:

Hipster seating:

10. Normal serving plate:

Hipster serving plates:

11. Normal chalkboard messages:

Hipster chalkboard messages:

12. Normal sauces:

Hipster sauces:

13. Normal fruit juice:

Hipster fruit juice:

14. Normal appetiser plates:

Hipster appetiser plates: