16 Sounds That Are Absolutely, Without A Doubt, 100% Peak Australia

    That crinkly *stststtstststtsstststs* of a fresh meat pie being unwrapped.

    1. The FLAP FLAP WHOOSH and *clink* of an ibis landing on a rubbish bin.

    2. The endless behind-the-counter alarms going BEEP BEEP DRRRING DRRRING WHOOP WHOOP when you walk into Macca's during the lunch rush.

    3. The CR-PFFTST of a freshly-cracked sauce squeezy.

    4. The GAGRRRLLGLRRRLLRRRRLLRRR that means you better watch out, because it's magpie swooping season.

    5. The bleeepepepeppeeppepeppepepepepepepe of a crosswalk signal.

    6. The KLUNKGAGAGAGKLUNGAGAGA of someone next door taking their bins out at 6am (and reminding you to do the same).

    7. That crinkly stststtstststtsstststs of a fresh meat pie being unwrapped.

    8. That KRSSSSSSSSSSSS sound you hear when spreading Vegemite on perfectly-toasted bread.

    9. The Optus hold music, which I can't even convey in letters, but you all know how it sounds, as it plays in your nightmares on loop.

    10. The unique CR-PFFFTTTTTT of a can of Solo being cracked.

    11. The GLUGLUGLUGCR of a fresh goon bag when it's lightly slapped or wobbled.

    12. That bird you hear in the bush that goes wwwwwwwwwhhhhUP wwwwwwwhhhhhUP.

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    13. The ZZZZ-ZZZZZZZZZ-ZZ-ZZZZZZZ of a dying fly, buzzing in circles on your windowsill.

    14. The "YAAAWLLLRG goddamnit" of your neighbour stepping on a bindi as they check their mail.

    15. That echoing BANG BANG BANG of workers whacking the blenders on the counter when you walk past Boost Juice.

    16. And finally, the collective YYEEAAAHHHHHHWWHOOOOOOOOO when "Horses" comes on at a bar, club, pub or festival.

    What other iconic Aussie noises did we miss? Let us know in the comments below — bonus points for anyone who spells it out perfectly.