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17 Great Things No One Tells You About Being A Lesbian

No dicks. None at all.

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1. When you move in with your girlfriend, your wardrobe literally doubles.

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2. Ditto your makeup bag.

3. And your shoe collection if you're lucky enough to have the same size feet.


4. You're 100% more likely to have tampons in the house when you need them.

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5. And you never have to deal with trying to explain to a man how and where to buy them.


6. Kissing a girl is so much softer and lovelier than kissing a boy.


7. Plus, no beard rash.


8. You never ever have to experience pregnancy scares.


9. It's a lot easier to communicate with someone who doesn't speak in grunts half the time.

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10. And there's never any facial hair in the sink.


11. The sex is better. Actually scientifically proven to be better.

"Lesbians orgasm during sex 75% of the time they sleep with a familiar — a far higher rate than straight women, who only climax during two out of three sexual encounters."

12. You get to snuggle with someone who's not covered in body hair.

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13. And it's much easier to take turns being the big spoon.


14. Plus, you have the added bonus of not waking up with a boner sticking into your back.


15. You're much more likely to have a girlfriend who can braid your hair than a boyfriend who can.


16. Women smell a lot better than men.


17. Also, boobs.