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18 Very Real Struggles Of Dating Someone Short

Lol good luck fitting your head in your selfies.

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1. You can't share pants unless you want them to end above your ankle.

2. Same with jumpers and jackets, unless you want your wrists getting cold.


3. It's difficult to take selfies together.

Oh wait, did you want your head cut off?
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Oh wait, did you want your head cut off?

4. When you're being the little spoon, you have to curl your knees pretty much up to your chest.


5. Somehow, you always end up with your feet uncovered by the doona in bed.


6. And a double bed really isn't big enough for the both of you.

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7. If you decide to wear heels, you end up looking like Gigantor next to your partner.


8. Kissing while standing up looks pretty silly at times.


9. Its difficult to walk around with your arm around their shoulders.


10. Holding hands can also be difficult.

11. You look ridiculous dancing with eachother.


12. Forget taking baths together.

13. And definitely forget about having sex standing up.

14. It's near impossible to share an umbrella.

15. You can't sit on your partner's lap without feeling like you might squash them.

16. When you hug, their face goes straight into your chest/boobs.

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17. You have to walk slower than normal when you're with your partner.


18. And if you put things on the top shelf, you're the only one who can reach them.