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    Here's How Celebrities Spent Their 4th Of July

    All you need is a boat and a super patriotic outfit.

    1. Taylor Swift threw an epic party and hung out with her British mate Ed.

    2. Kim Kardashian wore a very... patriotic outfit.

    3. Selena Gomez stopped for some fruit on a road trip.

    4. Gigi Hadid and Joe Jonas hung out in appropriately coloured attire.

    5. Emmy Rossum looked flawless on the back of a boat.

    6. Shay Mitchell hung out in the Hamptons.

    7. Vanessa Hudgens spent the day in Monument Valley.

    8. Kate Hudson woke up the neighbours with a song.

    9. Miley rocked some star-spangled shorts.

    10. Mindy Kaling shared her packing list.

    11. Lucy Hale showed off some seriously cool sunnies.

    12. Ashley Benson enjoyed cocktails by the pool.

    13. Ashely Tisdale enjoyed the sunshine.

    14. Lupita Nyong'o celebrated from Kenya.

    15. Ru Paul shared this appropriate #tbt.

    16. Reese Witherspoon can #neverhaveenoughfriedchicken.

    17. Jesse Williams shared an important message.

    18. Lindsay Lohan went jewellery shopping.

    19. Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello enjoyed a barbeque.

    20. Kerry Washington dressed up her dog.

    21. Britney hung out at Disneyland with her kids.

    22. Zoe Kravitz got into the spirit with stars.

    23. Emilia Clarke hung out in Korea.

    24. Ruby Rose gave herself a red, white, and blue makeover.

    25. Jessica Alba celebrated with her daughters.

    26. And Zach Braff shared the most American photo ever taken.

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