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    16 Reasons That New Zealand Is Actually Far Superior To Australia

    Australia, it's time to end your superiority complex.

    1. The weather.

    Twitter: @espurrkawa

    Yes, Australia is warmer, but for about three months of the year you can barely go outside because it’s so hot. In NZ there's a far more temperate climate. It might be colder in winter, but it's easier to bundle up for a couple of months than it is to be constantly sweating from October to March.

    2. Being able to buy booze at the supermarket.

    Amazed by the beer choices at the local New World supermarket πŸ‘ŒπŸΊπŸ»πŸΊ #Wellington #NewZealand

    Twitter: @warriorboy67

    The sheer convenience of this should make all Aussies want to move there ASAP.

    3. Plus, a 12-pack of beer is $20.

    4. New Zealand's capital city is actually cool.

    5. The desserts.

    6. The coins.

    7. The wildlife.

    8. The diversity of the landscape.

    9. Road trips.

    10. The rugby team.

    11. The general view of human rights.

    12. And as a side bar, New Zealand is a lot less outspokenly racist.

    13. The extreme approach to life.

    14. The general isolation (in a good way).

    15. The wealth of things to do β€” and how easy it all is to get to.

    16. And lastly, New Zealand has a lot fewer Aussies living there.