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19 Alcohol Experiences Every Aussie Had Growing Up

If you didn't get shit-faced in a backyard off UDLs then what were you even doing?

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1. Getting accidentally lit at a family BBQ when you were underage after smuggling two Cruisers out of your aunt's esky.

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Raspberry was obviously the best flavour, but you wouldn't turn down a pineapple or orange one.


11. Drinking Double Blacks at your Year 12 formal after party, because Smirnoff Ice was just a waste of time.

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Whether you went for the bottles or the cans, you were guaranteed a good night on the DBs.


14. Smashing a six-pack of Woodstock and not being able to face dark liquor for at least a year afterwards.

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I am literally 25 years old and can't drink bourbon because I got too loose on Woodstock nine years ago.

15. Buying a $5 bottle of Schweppes at an overpriced corner store because you forgot to get mixers at Coles and don’t want to drink your Bacardi straight.


16. Getting shit-faced while clubbing and making best friends with equally shit-faced strangers while waiting for your kebabs.

so I became best friends with the kebab man when I was drunk lastnight, Alped loves me

There's no friendship quite like those that you make when drunk.

19. And running into a bunch of other Aussies on your first trip overseas and proceeding to see who could get the most drunk and rowdy out of all of you.

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Somehow you always end up singing the "he's a pisspot through and through" song.