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    Updated on 1 Sep 2020. Posted on 8 Jun 2016

    18 Photos That Are You As A "Masterchef" Contestant

    “I’m plating up!” ​*Wildly throws potato gems on a plate.*​

    1. When the judges ask you to take a traditional ingredient and put an exciting spin on it.

    Reddit: ohheyimluke / Via

    2. When guest chefs talk about how foods and flavours are alive.

    Reddit: uroboris / Via

    3. When there are five minutes left on the clock and you need to get your protein cooked quickly.

    4. When Gary tells you to use inventive and exciting ways to cook your ingredients.

    5. When your dish last week wasn't "flavourful enough" so you make sure to add a lot of complementary tastes this time.

    Reddit: lightning_balls / Via

    6. When you opt to make a simple dish, so you focus on the plating.

    Reddit: Ogg_Vorbis / Via

    7. Or when you really fuck up your food, so you know you have to rely on making it at least look good.

    8. When George says you need to have a crunchy element to your dish, and you know just how to nail it.

    Reddit: fourontheflower / Via

    9. When you're usually all about making desserts, but the core ingredient in a pressure test is chicken.

    Reddit: NineteenthJester / Via

    10. When you're not sure how to correctly cook a main ingredient so you try to bury it in your dish...with little success.

    Reddit: WildRose4Ever / Via

    11. When your soufflés sink just before plating them so you have to come up with a new dish in two minutes.

    12. Or when you try to speed up your cooking progress just a little.

    13. When you get to cook for an immunity pin and follow the recipe step by step...but still somehow fuck up.

    14. When you try to embrace the trend of deconstructed meals.

    15. When the core ingredient is some exotic thing you've never heard of so you just blindly prepare a dish that you hope works.

    16. When you try out a ~rustic~ and ~homestyle~ dish that will make the judges nostalgic.

    17. When Matt encourages you to be creative with your dishes.

    Reddit: I_Think_Alot / Via

    18. And when you take your dish out of the oven and are hurrying to serve it up.

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