My Kitchen Rules Stars Come Out As A Couple

Carly & Tresne have revealed that they’re more than just best friends.

1. Carly and Tresne, contestants on reality cooking show My Kitchen Rules have announced that they’re in love!

2. The girls, who entered the show as friends, said: “We wanted to go on the show as ourselves and have people judge us on our cooking and not our sexual preference”.

Channel 7 / Via Jemima Skelley / Buzzfeed

3. Carly and Tresne have been together for nearly ten years and had a commitment ceremony in 2012.

4. There has been huge support for the girls and their decision to come out.

@CarlyandTresne thank you both for teaching me self enlightenment, shoo away negativity, absorb the positive energy! ❤️❤️#honestysandwich

— Chantelle (@gagaloo88)

Good on Carly and tresne for being open about their relationship. So much respect for those 2. #MKR #carlyandtresne

— Gemma (@GemmaRice89)

Didn't see this one coming but good on out and proud ladies! #MRK #CarlyAndTresne

— Gemma (@gcfagan86)

Couldn't give 2 hoots about @CarlyandTresne's sexual preference. Love them to bits because they have endearing personalities #mkr #carlyisms

— Travis M. Sellers (@travyola72)

So proud of Tresne and Carly. Way to go girls, be who you really are and Australia will continue to love you. #mkr #carlyandtresne

— Tamara Prins (@tamjprins)

14. Congratulations girls!

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Jemima Skelley is a senior writer for BuzzFeed and is based in Sydney.
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