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    17 Fashion Struggles Short Girls Will Never Understand

    "Why Do I Always Look Like A Column?: An Autobiography."

    1. It's impossible to find pants that actually reach past your ankle.

    2. Or long-sleeve shirts that'll cover your wrists.

    3. And forget the idea of full-length maxi skirt.

    4. Though when you do find full-length dresses, they tend to make you look like a column.

    5. Meanwhile, T-shirts tend to look more like crop tops on you.

    This wasn't even a crop top😂 I'm just too tall for this crap

    6. Jeans with knee-holes end up looking more like thigh-holes.

    7. You've given up on finding high-waisted shorts that are high enough in the waist but low enough in the butt.

    8. If you want to wear heels, you have to be OK with the fact that you'll be taller than literally everyone else.

    9. Though that's fine because the shoes that actually come in your size are usually ugly or "sensible".

    10. You want a romper? Lol OK.

    Dear Romper, please consider me. I do not like camel toes. Make a Big&Tall romper por favor. Larges aren't large 😑💀

    11. How about knee-high socks? Not gonna happen.

    12. When you wear a short dress, you don't want to reach up for anything for the fear of your ass showing.

    13. And "one size fits all" is offensive and just plain inaccurate.

    14. When you lend clothes to your friends, it ends up looking a little like this.

    This is what it looks like when my homegirls try an borrow my clothes. #TallGirlProblems

    15. If you want to buy something online, there's only a 40% chance that it'll fit like it says it does.

    16. You've once put on what you thought was a dress only to find out that it's more of a shirt.

    17. And... when you finally do find an outfit that fits well, good luck fitting it all in the mirror to get a selfie.