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    This Is For Everyone Who Thinks Avocado Is The Worst

    Mushy green poop. No thanks.

    Avocado really seems to be the ~cool thing~ at the moment.

    Smashed avo on toast is this year's cronut.

    People pay an extra $4 to get that shit added to their morning toast.

    But why? It's horrible.

    Its gross. It's a weird texture. And it tastes like butt.

    Sony Pictures

    Sure, it's healthy. If I loved avocado, I'm certain that I'd be the kind of person who wears leggings to brunch and goes jogging every morning, aka living my best life.

    ^ Me if I ate avocado.

    But alas. It's horrible.

    It's expensive.

    And people look at you like this when you share your (correct) opinion.


    I would not eat it in a house. I would not eat it with a mouse.

    20th Century Fox

    I would not eat it here or there.


    And I would not eat it anywhere.


    Everyone needs to just stop with the avocado love.

    Because it SUCKS.


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