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    Apparently Toast Is The Next Big Food Trend

    Yes, toast. You heard it here first.

    So we all remember when cupcakes were the ~cool~ food to be eating.

    Then came the era of frozen yogurt mania...


    ...followed by the short-lived hype surrounding cronuts.

    But the next big food fad is without a doubt, definitely, certainly going to be...TOAST.

    There is a toast-only cafe opening in Melbourne next month. The toast trend has begun, people.

    BuzzFeed / Via

    Seriously, within six months, there will be a plethora of cafes serving toast, and only toast.

    (Well, they'll probably have coffee as well.)

    Don't worry though, it won't just be boring toast and butter. Surely there'll be a ton of interesting toppings you can add to it as well.

    Trendy food places love their organic toppings.

    Seriously, guys. Wake up and smell the toast.

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