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I Tried To Get A Flurried McFlurry And This Is What Happened

We've got the ~scoop~.

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Over the last few years, Australians have been noticing something...different about their McFlurries.

A spokesperson from McDonald's Australia told BuzzFeed that the McFlurry machines took up too much bench space.

"This change was made a number of years ago, but you will be pleased to know our McFlurry is still as popular as ever," they said. "The machines took up considerable space in our kitchens, so the decision was made that they would be hand stirred – with love – by our crew. If you like yours a little more 'flurried', let the crew know and they will be sure to give it a more vigorous stir."

Well. I would personally consider myself a huge McFlurry aficionado, and in the past three years, I have never been given a McFlurry that has been stirred – either with love or without.

So I decided to put this statement to the test and go off on a quest in search for a ~flurried~ McFlurry.

McFlurry No. 1 – NOT STIRRED.

Jemima Skelley / Via BuzzFeed

And when I asked the crew member to "flurry it" for me, the manager told me, and I quote, "We're not supposed to stir them by hand." Interesting.

McFlurry No. 2 – ALSO NOT STIRRED.

When I asked them to flurry it for me, they didn't even really understand what I meant. So then I asked them to stir it for me, and was politely informed that they don't do that. Hmmm. The plot thickens.

McFlurry No. 3 – SUCCESS!

Jemima Skelley / BuzzFeed

Though it was handed to me in its natural, unflurried state, after asking for it to be flurried, the manager came over and apologised for their lack of machine and then stirred it for me. I would even go so far as to say that she "vigorously" stirred it for me. Well done, Pitt Street Macca's. Well done.

McFlurry No. 4 – reluctantly stirred.

Actual conversation:

Me: "Can you please flurry this for me?"

Her: "What?"

Me: "Can you please flurry my McFlurry?"

Her: "........You mean stir it?"

Me: "Yeah, I guess. But it is called a McFlurry. It should be flurried."

Her: "........"

I got an unenthusiastic two stirs of my McFlurry, but in no way could I call them "vigorous".


McFlurry No. 5 – stirred. (But at what cost?)

Jemima Skelley / BuzzFeed

When I asked the crew member to flurry it, I am 100% certain that she fantasised about stabbing me in the eyes with the McFlurry spoon. Instead, she half-heartedly stirred the top third of my dessert, and gave it back to me with a look that said: "I'm going to burn down your house." But hey, at least I got a (sort of) result.

Macca's, I never thought I'd say this, but you've let me down.

Sarah Cross

You've been there for me through so many late nights and so many hangovers. But I don't know if we can come back from this. You've broken my poor, unflurried heart.

Also, please see this glorious example of a McDonald's using a WALL-MOUNTED FLURRIER.

View this video on YouTube

Which uses exactly ZERO bench space.

P.S. Can you get your McFlurry flurried?

Step one: Go to Macca's and order a McFlurry.

Step two: Ask them to flurry it for you, if it is not already (it won't be).

Step three: Take a selfie and share your results below or tweet with the hashtag #McFlurryGate.