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27 Mini-Series You Should Binge-Watch Next Time You're Hungover In Bed

How accomplished do you feel after finishing a whole series in one day?!

Recently, we asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to share with us the mini-series they love to binge watch. Here are some of the best responses:

1. Evil Genius


A four-part documentary series about a controversial bank robbery gone wrong, which ended in murder.

"I've never been so far sucked into a documentary before. The whole story is true, but not even Hollywood could come up with something like this. NOTHING is how it seems. Highly recommended." – Blair Feller, Facebook

Watch it on: Netflix

2. Dark Tourist


A mini documentary series following a journalist who visits different dark tourism hot spots.

"It was so cool to see countries in a different way. Every episode had my attention and made me realise what's really out there! The Africa episode still has me talking!" – onceuponasuckit

Watch it on: Netflix

3. The Staircase


A documentary about a man who was accused of murdering his wife.

"Everything about it is batshit crazy. You will change your mind SO many times on whether or not you think he is guilty...what you won't change your mind on is how insanely biased, negligent, unethical and corrupt the criminal justice system can be. And that regardless, his trial was not fair and just. Your mouth will drop and you won't be able to stop watching!" – Erin Byrnes, Facebook

Watch it on: Netflix

4. Ja'mie Private School Girl


A mockumentary following a vapid rich high school girl.

"It is so hilarious with all the stuff that she pulls, and her making up words to describe how hot she and her friends are. It is so funny and so good. Would recommend and it's 11/10 for me." – SuperNikki

Watch it on: HBO (US), Netflix and Stan (Aus)

5. The Night Of


It's a complex series that opens with a murder, and follows a young man as he tries to figure out if he's guilty or not.

"Had me absolutely screaming of anger and nerves and excitement every episode." – Marcus Mala, Facebook

Watch it on: HBO (US), Foxtel Now (Aus)

6. The Secret World of Jeffree Star

YouTube: Shane

A series of episodes on Shane Dawson's YouTube channel about entrepreneur and internet sensation, Jeffree Star.

"Seeing the life of a beauty mogul and how much one person can change and grow over 13 years captivated me in so many ways. Shane really showed Jeffree’s life in a way that wasn’t just for a scandal, or to expose him for someone else’s benefit. And it really showed the world the real Jeffree Star and it made me love Jeffree even more, because I got to see him for who he is." – elizabethmorganw

Watch it on: YouTube

7. Alias Grace


"It’s based off of the book by the same title, written by Margaret Atwood (Handmaid’s Tale). The mini-series is based on the true story of the infamous murderess Grace Marks, who was convicted of killing her employer and his paramour in the 1800s. The show is chilling, the acting superb and the story enthralling. Just don’t do what I did and start the show at 11pm because this is definitely something you’ll end up bingeing." – joyr495294760

Watch it on: Netflix

8. Alice


A modern twist on Alice in Wonderland, where a woman tries to take down a corrupt organisation which is harvesting peoples' emotions.

"The special effects are a little wack, but it's a great twist on Lewis Carroll's original stories. Plus it has Caterina Scorsone, Andrew Lee Potts, Matt Frewer, Kathy Bates and Tim Curry." – laceynchipped

Watch it on: Amazon

9. Political Animals

USA Network

A comedy-drama series about a former First Lady who is also Secretary Of State.

"The cast is stellar, including a young and gorgeous Sebastian Stan. The storyline is heavily influenced by Hillary's run for office in '08." – michelleb107

Watch it on: Amazon.

10. The 10th Kingdom


A father and daughter get transported to a parallel universe with mythical characters including Cinderella and Snow White.

"A great fantasy series that's also a 'sequel' of sorts to classic fairy tales. It's equal parts epic and cheesy in the right ways, and has an amazing cast." – deejayw2

Watch it on: Amazon

11. Over The Garden Wall

Cartoon Network

An animated mini-series which is as much for adults as it is for kids. It's a surreal telling of two brothers lost in a land called the Unknown.

"The plot line is great and every episode is really mysterious and weird. The characters are lovable and unique, and there are so many plot twists. I highly recommend it for anyone who still likes cartoons or even anyone who generally doesn’t watch them. There are only 10 episodes so even if you don’t like it, it won’t waste that much of your time." – yzmam

Watch it on: Hulu (US), Netflix (UK)

12. War And Peace


A six-part adaptation of the novel, War and Peace is about five aristocratic families in Russia following Napoleon's invasion.

"It has everything I want in a show: romance, drama, extravagant settings, war, comedy, politics and coming of age in one compact package. I've rewatched it several times now, with each view more enjoyable than the last!" – EnglishMajor93

Watch it on: Hulu (US), Netflix (UK), Foxtel Now (Aus)

13. Lost In Austen


"It's a British mini-series that came out in 2008, about a woman who trades places with Elizabeth Bennett in Pride and Prejudice and ends up screwing up the story line and has to try and fix it. Super cute and always makes me laugh when I need to be put in a good mood." – ccanipe1

Watch it on: Hulu (US), iTunes (Aus)

14. Fearless


"Helen McCrory is absolutely brilliant, and she plays a badass human rights lawyer determined to get to the bottom of what she’s convinced is a wrongful murder conviction. The acting is great and the plot has plenty of twists, turns, and scandal!" – juliaa26

Watch it on: Amazon

15. Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell


"A British series set in the early 1800s about two magicians, one of whom wants to set a standard for British magic while the other is a bit more experimental. From the surface the show could look a bit stodgy, but it has battles with Napoleon, zombies, alternate dimensions and a freaky fairy that’s more like a demon. I was sad when it ended!" – bonkersthecat3000

Watch it on: Netflix (US), iTunes (UK and Aus)

16. The Keepers


"It's a true crime mini-series about the murder of a nun, and years later her students try to solve it. They end up finding out some secrets about the Catholic Church at the same time. It's heartbreaking, eye-opening and horrifying, and the direction manages to make it creepy." – juliaw4b9484528

Watch it on: Netflix

17. Godless


A western drama which follows an outlaw and his violent gang.

"The acting and storyline were really well done. They were also able to bring a subtle hint of modern issues (women and black empowerment) into a western and stay true to the time period." – carissaharrison93

Watch it on: Netflix

18. Party Animals


"You might be fooled by the title – it has to do with UK politics, and more precisely the feud between the Labour and Tory parties. I came across it one night when I couldn’t sleep, and I was instantly hooked. Never thought I’d be so fond of something concerning politics! But even if that plays a major role, the relationships and personal struggles the characters go through get centre stage. I cannot find any fault with this show! And it stars pre-Doctor Who Matt Smith (who is equally compelling in this role, if you ask me)." – Louise Schönhult, Facebook

Watch it on: BBC (UK) and can find eps on YouTube. 👀

19. The Traffickers


An eight-part investigative series about illegal smuggling of goods, from guns to human body parts.

"I binged it in one day and was completely intrigued to look into the issues covered and liked that the series tried to present as many perspectives as possible." – laurens

Watch it on: Netflix (US), ABC iView (Australia)

20. When We Rise


"Seriously such a game changer for me. It's eight episodes of get-mad-and-get-organized LGBT+ historical story lines. Loved it. Fueled my inner activist." – t473569574

Watch it on: Hulu (US), SBS On Demand (Aus)

21. Millennium


A six-part series based on the Girl With The Dragon Tattoo novels.

"Once you move past having to read the subtitles you are drawn into a very compelling and exciting story with great acting. It made me seek out all the books it was based on." – hopeb

Watch it on: Netflix (US) as Dragon Tattoo Miniseries, SBS On Demand (Aus)

22. Harper's Island


"A group of people go to an island for a wedding where a killing spree happened years before. The killing starts again and you don't know who to trust. I have rewatched this series probably a dozen times and the twists still get me. Highly recommend to all murder mystery fans." – Rachel Gibbs, Facebook

Watch it on: Amazon and iTunes

23. Band of Brothers


"It's an incredible 10 episode mini-series that follows a company from the 101st Airborne Division during World War II. It follows them from their training, through major battles, quiet moments and the end of the war. The actors do an amazing job of expressing the true stories of these men, who are also featured in the opening scenes of the episodes. I watch it at least once a year, and absolutely adore it." – Hayley Bartsch, Facebook

Watch it on: HBO (US), Foxtel Now (Aus)

24. Houdini


"It followed the actual events of Houdini’s life fairly closely and was really fun to watch. Adrien Brody was absolutely phenomenal as Harry Houdini." – xassylax

Watch it on: Netflix

25. The Game


"It’s so good – I have no idea why no one’s ever heard of it! It’s a Cold War British spy drama with an amazingly hot main character (but that’s not the only reason I love it, I promise!), and it kinda gives me some Sherlock vibes? Keeps you on your toes till the end. I definitely recommend it!" – madisonr

Watch it on: Amazon and iTunes

26. The White Princess


"It's about Princess Elizabeth of York and her marriage to Henry VII, which brought about the end of the War of the Roses in England. I like that the show really focuses on the women in the story, because history often focuses on them very little. Their motivations, ambitions, fears and hopes are often simplified down to what they were...wife, mother, daughter. The White Princess allows them to be just as complicated as men. It's a show worth watching for sure." – Ariel Snow, Facebook

Watch it on: Starz (US), Stan (Aus), Amazon (UK)

27. Splash Splash Love


"It's a drama about a girl who’s transported back to Joseon-era Korea and is mistaken for a eunuch, and has to figure her way back to the present time. It’s super cute, the chemistry between the leads is through the roof, and there’s no unnecessary filler moments!" – Nhi Vuong, Facebook

Watch it on: Nothing that I can condone here...but it's easy to find.

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