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    17 Secrets We Learned From A Professional Matchmaker

    Basic compatibility might be boring, but don't overestimate its importance.

    Would you ever go see a professional matchmaker to help find you a partner?

    1. So to start off, there are general factors they always look at when matching people.

    2. But to be honest, that can't always predict attraction.

    3. Having common interests with your partner is good... but not the be-all and end-all.

    4. It's not just women who come in to find a match.

    5. Though in the older age groups, most of the people who come in are women.

    6. Most clients are in their 20s or 30s... but there's really no age limit.

    7. Linda says she's always been good at matching people up.

    8. It can take time for you to realise that someone is "the one" so don't try to rush it.

    9. The company only marks a match as "successful" if the couple stays together for more than six months.

    10. And from those 1000+, there have only been 10 divorces.

    11. It sounds cheesy... but you really have to be happy within yourself before looking for love.

    12. Because it's pretty obvious if you're not.

    13. There's really no typical time frame for finding someone's perfect match.

    14. You have to keen an open mind, and not have huge expectations.

    15. It takes a certain type of person to see a matchmaker, but not the type you'd think.

    16. There are a few criteria all clients must meet before the company will find them a match.

    17. And Linda says there's no better feeling than hearing of a couple that she matched getting married.