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19 Times Margot Robbie Made 2016 Her Bitch

From tattoos to tiny hedgehogs.

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1. When she hosted SNL and it was amazing.

Margot Robbie and Kate McKinnon for a new SNL promo

2. And when she nailed this Kate McKinnon impression.

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3. But then totally lost it in a scene opposite her.


4. When she channelled American Psycho for Vogue.

5. And when she was on the cover and looked like bronze perfection.


6. When she took on Will Smith.

BBC Radio 1

7. When she got her hands on a tattoo gun, and gave a bunch of people tattoos while on the Suicide Squad set.

Instagram: @caradelevingne

8. And when she went to tattoo someone with the word "SKWAD", but missed the "K".

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9. When she rocked up to the Academy Awards dressed as an actual Oscar statue.

Ethan Miller / Getty Images

10. And when she wore a glittery unicorn to the Suicide Squad premiere.

Jamie Mccarthy / Getty Images

11. When she was BFFs with a tiny hedgehog.

Instagram: @margotrobbie

12. When she hung out with Prince Harry but didn't realise it was him, because he wasn't wearing a crown.


13. When a Vanity Fair article about her was published and it was really something else.

This paragraph is a declaration of war

14. And even she thought it was a bit strange.


15. When she did this super-cute interview with her mum.


16. When she wore an Australian marriage equality shirt while hosting SNL.

Margot Robbie rocking a pro gay marriage tee during the #SNLPremiere

17. When she showed off this incredible jumper for a good cauce.

Instagram: @margotrobbie

18. And when she made tracksuits cool again.

Instagram: @margotrobbie

19. And when thanked the paparazzi for always getting her best angles.

Instagram: @margotrobbie

Slay all day. <3

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