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    27 Hilarious Tweets About "Mamma Mia 2" You'll Love Even If You Didn't Watch It

    "Mamma Mia was fab might fuck off to Greece for a bit."


    uhhh of course i’m going to see mamma mia 2 for the 500th time it’s called mamma mia here we go again not mamma mia here we go once


    we are getting TWO Mamma Mias and exactly ZERO Pappa Pias and that’s how i know feminism is working


    But why isn’t there an, “inspired by Mamma Mia 2: Here We Go Again” clothing section anywhere? Asking for a friend.


    at the cinema seeing mamma Mia 2 with my aunt (Abbas’s genuine biggest fan) and she got so excited in the opening credits that her fitbit went up to fat burning mode :))))


    WHEN will locals LEARN that mamma mia is about the mother daughter relationship and chosen family and NOT about getting a fucking dna test to find out if colin firth is the real dad


    I love that whoever cast Mamma Mia 2 sat down & thought “Who could have given birth to Meryl Streep?” “...... CHER.”


    Mamma Mia recordings ranked by how dramatically they belt out, "YES, I've been broken-hearted!" 4. Lily James (2018) 3. ABBA (1975) 2. Meryl Streep (2008) 1. Me (last night, two glasses of wine in)


    mamma mia 2 is a great sexuality litmus test: if the hottest part was christine baranski dueting with herself, you’re a lesbian. if it was young donna and bill on the boat, you’re bi. if you haven’t seen mamma mia 2, you’re a heterosexual.


    mamma mia was fab might fuck off to greece for a bit


    If watching Mamma Mia doesn’t make you want to buy a pair of dungarees, move to Greece and open a hotel - idk what you’re doing with your life


    if we all pray hard enough we can make mamma mia the fast and furious franchise of musicals


    Me: Mamma Mia 2’s closing musical number featuring the characters’ past selves dancing alongside their present-day counterparts seems to defy time & space in a way that suggests that our lived reality is not nearly as linear as we think it is Manager: Ma’am, this is a Chili’s


    They must have had the sound turned right up on Mamma Mia at the cinema last night. You could hear the drums from Nandos


    Mamma Mia 2 has absolutely confirmed that we as a society are completely unprepared if Meryl Streep ever dies


    saw mamma mia 2 again tonight and I think my plan for is to just keep seeing it once a week to maintain happiness


    When I went to see Mamma Mia 2, I had a gay couple to my left and a row of 8 drunk moms (who clapped at the end of the movie) in front of me. If that doesn’t accurately summarize their demographic I don’t know what else will


    Mamma Mia 3: Cher is Now the President of Greece


    me showing up to see mamma mia for the 7th time:


    The gayest triumph of Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again is Cher reinventing herself as Susan from Guess Who.


    Mamma Mia: Knowing 3, Knowing You Mamma Mia: 4nando Mamma Mia: 5 Been Cheated By You (And I Think You Know When) Mamma Mia 6: Tokyo Drift


    Mamma Mia Mamma Mia 2: Here We Go Again Mamma Mia 3: My My Mamma Mia 4: How Can I Resist You? Mamma Mia 5: Does It Show Again Mamma Mia 6: Just How Much I Missed You? Mamma Mia 7: Yes, I've Been Broken-hearted Mamma Mia 8: Blue Since The Day We Parted Mamma Mia 9: Why Did I Eve


    Mamma Mia Here We Go Again currently has a higher rotten tomatoes score than Infinity War. Thanos is strong but Cher is stronger


    When straight men share their trash opinions about Mamma Mia 2:


    I NEARLY THROW MY PHONE SJSHDUDHDHDHHSSHSJDJ this is an actual review of mamma mia 2 why


    my boyfriend is refusing to go and see mamma mia 2 with me. Gimme gimme gimme a new man x


    mamma mia! is a better movie than citizen kane and here’s why:


    The real question is do Abba exist in the Mamma Mia universe or do they live in a world where they believe the music they are singing is created by Meryl Streep and if this is true then has Eurovision ever happened please come to my TED talk.

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