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35 People Share Their Most Stunning Makeup Transformations

Teach me your ways!

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Recently we asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to show us their best makeup before-and-after photos. I was amazed by the beauty and positivity in the comments. There's nothing better than people spreading love and hyping each other up. 🙌❤️Here are some of the best transformations that you guys shared.




"Not the best photo quality but... I have trichotillomania, a hair-loss disorder that causes the urge to pull out my hair. I have no brows whatsoever, and last year I was shaving my head but also had a wig I occasionally wore. I did this photo to sort of defy beauty standards, and show the different 'sides' of me.

I still have fun with the rest of my makeup, but I've stopped drawing my eyebrows on altogether and embrace the bald face! :)" – gessiep




"I have severe rosacea and allergic shiners as a consequence of a genetic disorder and some days all the makeup in the world won't cover my skin up entirely, but I love makeup!" – jacquelinelaurenh



"Being a natural redhead, my brows and lashes are practically bleach blonde and my skin has a red undertone. I love playing with my makeup and seeing how I can accentuate my features!" – Adeka12




"The left side is after an hour of getting ready to go out, the right side is when you wake up Monday morning dreading going to work! I literally started No Makeup Mondays a month ago when I decided I no longer cared about what people think." – shabriap


"It's amazing what working at a makeup store and loving Halloween will do for your makeup skills. If you think you can't do it or aren't good at makeup, just practice at it. Trust me, real changes happen. The first makeup picture and the second one are only six months apart." – carlyl12




"I'm not artistic at all but, with a lot of practice have gotten pretty good at doing makeup. It's so relaxing and a great way to focus on me, but I love sleeping in and am confident in my bare face, too!" – chelseac48071f7cc

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