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    People Are Pissed At The Safe Schools Coalition Investigation

    What u doin' Turnbull?

    Earlier today, PM Malcolm Turnbull called for a government investigation into the Safe Schools Coalition program.

    Lane Sainty / BuzzFeed

    The anti-bullying program aims to help LGBTQI school kids and educate teachers and principals on creating safe school environments.

    People are pretty pissed that it's even being questioned.

    Because bullying of LGBTI students is a serious problem which needs to be addressed.

    We ๐Ÿ‘ Need ๐Ÿ‘ Safe ๐Ÿ‘ Schools ๐Ÿ‘.

    Because this shit is still happening:

    And who better to educate, than the informed?

    What u doin', Turnbull?


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