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    We Tried Lush's New Solid Foundation On Different Skin Types

    These packaging-free Slap Sticks are a win for the environment.

    Last week, Lush launched its new range of solid foundations in 40 different colours.

    These limited-edition Slap Sticks promise moisturising, medium coverage.

    We decided to road test these bad boys on different skin types and shades to see how they fared.


    First up: Sohan, wearing shade #24W.


    "I absolutely loved the colour of this foundation, as it matched my neck perfectly. It felt light and smooth on my skin, but as the day went on it started to feel sticky and greasy. My face looked like a dewy mess by 12pm.

    "I expected this though, as I have naturally oily skin and very few foundations keep it looking matte all day."

    Next: Jemima, wearing shade #7C.


    "The colour I chose was a little too light for me – it's definitely tough to choose the right shade online! It's super soft and smells amazing, and feels really light on my skin. I just drew a little on my face and rubbed it in with my fingertips, as I don't have brushes or a blender.

    "I found it gave me pretty light coverage – it evened out my skin tone but didn't quite cover all the redness I had in my face. I don't usually use foundation, I wear a BB cream every day. The Slap Stick felt better on my skin, though I'm not sure if it looked as good. However, I'm such a big fan of anything zero-plastic so it's a winner in my books."

    And finally: Isha, wearing #19W.


    "The thought of foundation made with coconut oil scared and excited me. I have combination skin, which gets both dry and oily around the t-zone. The foundation itself was incredibly creamy and blended out like a dream. Application-wise – it’s a bit messy! Your hands are all over the product, and it definitely needs its own storage or container to place it in.

    "The coverage is definitely on the minimal side. I tried building it to cover some redness I have around my cheeks and nose, but I still found it to be quite sheer overall. After a couple of hours of wearing the foundation, my face was INCREDIBLY shiny and greasy. I do prefer more of a matte finish, which makes me think that the Slap Sticks may not work the best for oily skin."

    What's the verdict?


    These foundations are a win for minimal packaging and natural ingredients. It's also good to see such a broad range of shades available. However, if you've got oily skin or tend to get shiny, you might want to steer clear of these. They feel good and keep you moisturised, but you might feel a tad greasy after a few hours.

    But if your skin tends to get dry, especially in the winter, this might be great for you.

    You can buy your own Slap Stick until the end of July. If you're unsure about the right colour to choose, there's a guide, or the customer care team can help you out.

    FYI: These products were supplied from Lush free of charge. There was no obligation to provide coverage.