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    Lorde Ran Into A Fan On The Street And Took One Of Her Chicken Nuggets

    Tag yourself, I'm the chicken nugget.

    In case you weren't aware, Lorde's new album Melodrama dropped today, and it's really fuckin' good. So you'd assume that she's probably at home somewhere, celebrating what a queen she really is.

    WRONG! Turns out that's EXACTLY what she's been doing.

    just randomly met @lorde & she asked if she could have a chicken nugget from our mcdonalds bag also she told me i w…

    Yep. This is Kelsey. She was just minding her own business when she ran into Lorde randomly on the street in NYC. And then Lorde ate one of her chicken nuggets.

    Kelsey says she was with a couple of her friends on Madison Avenue when Lorde got out of a car, came up to them, and said, "Hey what's up guys."

    Twitter: @imkdawg

    Kelsey told BuzzFeed: "She immediately said to me, 'Oh my god, you are so pretty. I've never seen a face like yours before. You're beautiful,' and I was SHOOK."

    "She saw that we had chicken nuggets from McDonald's and she asked for a nugget," said Kelsey. Which honestly is EXACTLY what I'd do if I was Lorde.

    THEN Lorde grabbed Kelsey's phone and just took a bunch of selfies with her.

    "I asked what pose she wanted to do for the pictures and she was like, 'I'm gonna poke your cute dimple.'"

    Honestly, get you a fave who would do this.

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