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    This Baby Iguana Got To Eat Ice Cream For His Birthday

    And he has a perfect tiny party hat.

    When an iguana is celebrating his birthday, the only natural thing to do is put a party hat on him and offer him a scoop of ice cream.

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    "OMG YAAAASS ice cream thanks mom!"

    "Gimme gimme gimme dat scoop!"

    "I can't even deal with how excited I am rn."

    "Look at my badass sunglasses do I look like I want to eat ice cream right now?"

    "Lol jks I always want to eat ice cream."

    Editor's Note: When I posted this, I had no idea that lactose and cold foods are really really bad for iguanas! Thank you to everyone who let me know, and please never give iguanas or any cold-blooded animal ice cream no matter how cute it looks!

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