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    24 Cheap Eats You Can't Leave London Without Trying

    £4 pizza and £2 tacos are what dreams are made of.

    1. Rice bowls from Koshari Street

    2. A chicken wrap from Katsu Wraps

    3. Fresh pasta from La Tua Pasta

    4. Hearty British food from Kennington Lane Cafe

    5. Curries from Tayyabs

    6. Bacon and egg roll from Le Swine

    7. Pizza from Pizza Union

    8. Taco Tuesdays at Del74

    9. Salt beef bagel from Beigel Bake or Beigel Shop

    10. Bibimbap from Seoul Bakery

    11. Chicken wrap from The Kati Roll Company

    12. Dim sum from BaoziInn

    13. Taiyaki from Bake 麵包屋

    14. Meal deals at Tesco

    15. Curry and roti at Roti King

    16. Moroccan tagines at Le Rif

    17. Veggie buns at Bun House

    18. Artisan ice cream at Ruby Violet

    19. Pie at Young Vegans

    20. All-day (and night) breakfast from The Breakfast Club

    21. Chorizo roll at Brindisa

    22. Fresh-as-hell sandwiches from Orée

    23. Kebabs from Hiba Street

    24. Falafel from Falafel Feast

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    Jay Fleckenstein / BuzzFeed