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    17 New Zealand Foods Americans Will Never Get To Enjoy

    Jelly Tip ice creams really are the bomb.

    1. Whittaker's chocolate.

    Sure, you can get Peanut Slabs in Australia and other places around the world, but Whittaker's true beauty lies in their blocks . Never forget the time they made 100s and 1000s chocolate. <3

    2. L&P.

    Technically not a ~food~, but you can't make a list of Kiwi things without including L&P, aka the elixir of the gods. It's lemon and paeroa flavour, but before you ask wtf a paeroa is, just go to New Zealand and try it for yourself.

    3. Pineapple Lumps.

    It's literally just lumps of pineapple flavoured candy, covered in chocolate. What's not to love?

    4. Lolly cake.

    Fuck yeah, lolly cake is so goddamn good. It's probably the worst thing you could snack on, health-wise... but so great for your tastebuds.

    5. Hokey Pokey ice cream.

    Holy shit this stuff is so good. Vanilla ice cream and honeycomb never worked so well together.

    6. Goldrush ice cream.

    Tip Top

    Goldrush is waaaaaay better than Hokey Pokey but unfortunately, not as easy to find. Caramel ice cream, with chocolate-covered nuggets of gold aka honeycomb. Yes please.

    7. Jelly Tip ice cream.

    Jelly Tip ice creams will definitely take every Kiwi back to their childhood. It's vanilla ice cream, topped with raspberry jelly, and covered in chocolate. The day that Whittaker's released a chocolate block version of this was the day that the world finally made sense.

    8. Goody Goody Gumdrop ice cream.

    God, New Zealand does good ice cream. It's bubblegum flavour, but it's filled with chewy gumdrops. Yes please.

    9. Whitebait.

    Yeah, they look really disgusting. But when you put these teeny fish in a patty and fry it up, it tastes unbelievable.

    10. Afghan biscuits.

    Instagram: @kirstynoffke

    Putting cornflakes in a chocolate biscuit may sound strange, but trust us. They're amazing. Especially with some super-sweet icing on top.

    11. Cookie Time.

    OMG COOKIE TIME. There's something about this cookie which makes it so damn tasty. Obviously, original choc chunk is the best, but the white chocolate ones are pretty perfect as well.

    12. Mince and cheese pie.

    Think of your standard meat pie... but with a layer of melted cheese at the top. So simple, so brilliant.

    13. Raspberry Choc Logs.

    You probably thought that we could never improve on good old red liquorice. But here we are, living in a world where some genius has added chocolate and made it even better.

    14. Chocolate Fish.

    Pink marshmallow, covered in chocolate. Oh, and it's in the shape of a fish. Perfect!

    15. Moro Bar.

    Yes, it's different to the one available in Ireland. It's preeeeetty much a Mars bar, but way better because it's Kiwi. Australians can actually get these, but only in the mini version inside a box of Favourites.

    16. Perky Nana.

    You know those banana lollies? A Perky Nana is basically a less powdery version of that, covered in chocolate. I'm not selling it very well, but it's actually so good.

    17. Pinky.

    Us Kiwis really like covering sweet stuff in chocolate and selling it as a bar. A pinky is caramel and marshmallow, coated in chocolate.

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