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17 New Zealand Foods Americans Will Never Get To Enjoy

Jelly Tip ice creams really are the bomb.

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1. Whittaker's chocolate.

Sure, you can get Peanut Slabs in Australia and other places around the world, but Whittaker's true beauty lies in their blocks . Never forget the time they made 100s and 1000s chocolate. <3

2. L&P.

Technically not a ~food~, but you can't make a list of Kiwi things without including L&P, aka the elixir of the gods. It's lemon and paeroa flavour, but before you ask wtf a paeroa is, just go to New Zealand and try it for yourself.


7. Jelly Tip ice cream.

Jelly Tip ice creams will definitely take every Kiwi back to their childhood. It's vanilla ice cream, topped with raspberry jelly, and covered in chocolate. The day that Whittaker's released a chocolate block version of this was the day that the world finally made sense.


15. Moro Bar.

Yes, it's different to the one available in Ireland. It's preeeeetty much a Mars bar, but way better because it's Kiwi. Australians can actually get these, but only in the mini version inside a box of Favourites.