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PSA: Australia, This Is Lolly Cake And It's Fucking Amazing

It's like a cake, but involves zero ovens and more sugar.

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This is lolly cake.

So I tried classic NZ lolly cake today for the first time thanks to Steph. THIS should be on the flag!

With a name like that, you don't need a photo or a description to know that it's going to taste hella good. Lolly cake is an iconic New Zealand food, typically enjoyed by primary school-aged kids, and is so damn easy to make.


Kiwis and lolly cake go together like Kiwis and Lord Of The Rings.

okay but I'm buying lolly cake tomorrow and I haven't had it since I was like 8 and I'm so excited

Or Kiwis and sheep.

Lolly cake is great... but it's really unhealthy.

Like, look at those ingredients. No wonder it tastes so fucking fabulous. (These aren't the actual traditional lolly cake ingredients, but the closest we could get in Australia.)


If you want to make your own to try, it's honestly the easiest thing ever.

Melt 120g of butter and 200g of sweetened condensed milk in the microwave. Crush up malt biscuits (we used Milk Arrowroot) until they're really fine, then add the butter mixture, and 150g of lollies. In NZ, they use Eskimos which are like hard, coloured marshmallows. We just used marshmallows and a couple of banana lollies. Shape the mixture into a log, roll it in coconut, and bang it in the fridge until it's set. It should take about 5 hours.

Anna Mendoza / BuzzFeed

Because it's so goddamn tasty, we thought, "Why the hell can't us adults enjoy it as well?" So we decided to whip up a log of lolly cake, to treat our sad Australian co-workers who had never heard of it, despite it being one of the greatest sweet treats known to man.