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25 Tiny Changes That'll Make You Feel Really Good About Life

It's OK to take a bath and cry sometimes.

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Recently we asked members of the BuzzFeed Community what their tips are for living their best life. Here are some of the best answers:

1. Practice gratitude.

"Take the time to thank the people in your life who make it better. Do something for someone else. When you can help someone else with their problems, it helps you see your own problems in perspective. Live your best life by helping someone else live theirs!" –kellykumquat2

2. Eat colourfully!

"I try to make each plate of food as colourful as I can get it. So basically different types of veg in different colours. Tonight I had a sweet potato and an omelette with tomato, zucchini, and red onion. It looks like fun to eat and it gives me a variety of vitamins and minerals. And it's not even that hard!" –Laura

Here are some delicious rainbow recipes to try.

3. Make time for acquaintances, without having to go to too much effort.

"We all have those 'almost-friends' that we keep planning to get drinks with, but never do. Instead of making plans ahead of time, which can be a little much, I started just asking people to join me for my daily whatever. 'Hey, I'm checking out that new bookstore today' or a friendly, 'What are you up to? I was about to take a walk downtown if you want to join!' are super-easy ways to get more friend time. It's easy for them to say no if they aren't game, and most of the time they're just as happy as you are to get out for a little bit. Life can get lonely, so building in these little mini-hangs has really helped me de-stress and reconnect with my pals." –rox4ec5a8111

4. Try some small DIY projects in your spare time.

"There are thousands of Instagrams dedicated to easy DIYs, like this one. It feels good to put your phone down and make something. If it doesn't work out perfectly, it's okay! DIYs are cheap and you can try another one. I recently made a really cute jewelry box out of an old shoe box and it was so satisfying." –s428cdb6f3

Check out BuzzFeed Nifty for more DIY ideas, like these bathroom organising tips.

5. Spend less time on social media.

"I still think it's incredibly useful, but deleting Twitter made my life so much better. I used to be obsessed with it, and 'quitting' was hard, but I honestly think the app is horrible for privacy and for someone as anxious as me; seeing all the hate and abuse and terrible news on the app is so bad for my health. When I deleted the app and had an impulse to tweet something, I just wrote it down on the whiteboard on my wall. At the end of the day, I would look at everything I wrote on the board, and hours later, you realize just how inane all of it is." –s428cdb6f3

Here are some tips for taking a phone detox.

6. Find a creative hobby.

"Playing with makeup is what helps me confront my issues with anxiety and depression. It's a way for me to focus on a positive activity and take my mind off whatever day to day issues I struggle with, and the result is typically something I can be proud of." –KatelynHere are some ideas for creative hobbies to try out.

"Playing with makeup is what helps me confront my issues with anxiety and depression. It's a way for me to focus on a positive activity and take my mind off whatever day to day issues I struggle with, and the result is typically something I can be proud of." –Katelyn

Here are some ideas for creative hobbies to try out.

7. Carry a water bottle.

"I cannot stress how important it is to drink water. I have anxiety, and whenever I feel panicky in public I always take out my water bottle, count to 10, and drink water. Since all anxiety is different, I don't know if it would help others, but ever since I started drinking more water I have noticed drastic changes." –Kelbell63

8. Reduce your plastic waste.

Instagram: @originalunverpackt

"Buy one (or two) of those strong fabric shopping bags that fold down tiny and keep it in your handbag. Always. When you get home and put your shopping away, fold it up and put it back in your handbag, and it will ALWAYS be there." –Kate Potter, Facebook

Here are some more tips for using less plastic.

9. Get out and do something new.

"Visit a museum once a month. New exhibitions are always popping up and it's super relaxing." –howlp

10. Have car-free days.

"At least once a week I won't drive anywhere for the entire day – I'll walk, bike, or take public transport if I need to go further than school or work. It helps to save a little on gas and helps me exercise a little more." –mikaylaroseh

Here are some other easy things you can do to help the planet.

11. Get in the kitchen.

Instagram: @whoiskaiserimy

"I've been cooking all my evening meals and taking the leftovers for lunch the next day. And I've saved heaps by not eating out and not buying junk food. My waistline is happy, my bank account is happy, and I'm happy because I get delicious food that's good for me cooked the exact way I like it." –michelle

Check out these other dinner ideas that'll have enough leftovers for lunch.

12. Find what you love and do it when you can.

"I have always loved writing, but have had some trouble with finding a place to begin. I bought the journal 642 Tiny Things to Write About and carry it with me everywhere. It's an easy way to get into writing and a way to start meditation over prompts and ideas." –Maddie

13. Do chores straight away.

"If I have something that needs to be done and can be done in under five minutes, I do it the second it crosses my mind so that it's out of the way and I can get on with my life. Nothing worse than being snuggled in your bed and then remembering the bin needs to be taken out." –bambakedbeans

14. Take time out every morning.

"Every morning, I stand in front of my window for a good stretch while looking outside. Then I say three affirming or gratitude-filled things about myself or the day that I can look forward to, such as: 'I will finish that project at work today because I am determined and capable enough,' 'I am thankful that I get to wake up to a blue sky and singing birds,' and 'I deserve to treat myself to a good cup of tea and a salad for lunch because I need to care of my body and my mind'. It really puts things into perspective each day – and even on the worst day makes me go into work and school with a smile on my face." –arib10

15. Tell the truth.

"I also try to remain honest to everyone. It keeps my conscience clear and my friends/family close." –Jordan

16. Get up early if you can.

"Waking up early every single morning (I'm talking 5 or 6am) has been really great for me. I'm able to wake up, meditate, get some chores done, pack a good lunch for school/work, AND make and eat breakfast all before I have to even think about getting ready for the day. The way your mornings go really does set the tone for your entire day, and feeling clear-headed and organized in the morning makes my day so much better. It sounds like torture waking up that early but it's pretty easy to get into the routine of it, and it's so rewarding once you do." –gabriellefesta21

Here are some ideas for turning yourself into a morning person.

17. Find something exciting about every day.

"Think of something to be excited about every day to help get out of bed and start the day right. It helps get you up and in a good mood. It can be something as simple as wearing a shirt you really love, or having your favourite food for lunch! Always make sure you think of something before you get up and it'll really get you motivated to live your best life." –Harley437

18. Set yourself manageable goals.

"Small, doable goals that build up into real change are actually achievable, instead of trying the big change all at once." –Emily Waterpony, Facebook

Find out how to set smart goals here.

19. Let yourself break down every now and then.

"I am constantly overanalyzing and stressing about everything – from school to family to my daily awkwardness. To live a more sane life, I allow myself designated times to overthink and stress and worry. Being anxious is a part of who I am, and trying to suppress it does not always work (and it's certainly not healthy!). Sometimes I need to overthink and cry, so I run a bath or sit in the backyard, give myself the time and the space to let it all out, and I don't feel bad about 'falling apart'. Instead, I let myself have a moment, then I pull myself up and keep going." –chloefern

20. Embrace mindfulness.

Instagram: @mace_n_chz

"I started practising mindfulness a few years ago to help manage my depression, but it's become a central part of my life. I cope less on days when I don't meditate, and it really helps to manage my anxiety. I also write down three things every day that went well to help me focus on the positive instead of dwelling on the negative." –Anna Stevens, Facebook

Find out more about mindfulness here, and how to execute it even if you're the most easily distracted person on the planet.

21. Don't worry about being perfect.

"Don't wait for your life to feel perfect before you start enjoying it. So many people get caught up in finishing school and finding the perfect job and buying the perfect house and marrying the perfect person before they have the perfect children. They only see the big picture and are terrified of messing it up. Life is messy; take baby steps and don't wait for the 'perfect' time to start anything." –i4aa926426

22. Do things for others.

"I try to volunteer at least once a month. It's nice doing things for others and not having to think about stressful things in your life for a few hours. And you're helping someone else out for nothing." –Emily Ash, Facebook

It's easy to google "volunteer + [your location]" to find options near you!

23. Be OK with being sad.

"Don't try to suppress negative emotions. Sadness and anger are just as normal and healthy as feeling joyful or happy. Feeling your emotions and letting them run their course helps process the negative things that happen in everyday life. Just take care of yourself while they are processing. Ignoring them or numbing them or trying to be relentlessly 'positive' can cause even more problems." –Sabrina Kinn, Facebook

24. See a therapist.

"They make life so much easier. Not only do you get to unload all of life's problems on someone and have a person to process everything with, but you get some really great skills and life hacks that just make dealing with everyday shit easier." –skailyr

25. Be kind.

"Realising that everyone has their own battles and that kindness is free. Once you realise that, you are free from the obligation of disliking or even hating someone. Why not put a little more kindness into the world? Everyone could use it – you have no idea what they're facing." –Jordin

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