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We Tried To Figure Out Why Britney Spears Posted This Selfie Of Delta Goodrem

Idk what's happening but I'm praying for a duet.

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This is Britney Spears, ruler of the pop world and the '90s queen who will always be relevant.

And this is Delta Goodrem, Aussie singer who has been slaying our lives for the past 12 years.

On Sunday, Britney reposted this selfie that Delta had uploaded two hours previously, saying that she looked "fierce".

She also followed Delta on Instagram.


Delta dressed up as her for her 30th birthday...

...but literally everyone on this planet has dressed up as Britney at some point.


Britney's Instagram has been super weird lately... maybe this is just another strange post in a sea of stranger posts?

There's got to be a reason for it though?????????????


Back in 2003, Britney reviewed Delta's single "Innocent Eyes" for TOTP.

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She wasn't a huge fan though... sooo that can't be it??

Then in 2004, Britney was in a Pepsi commercial with Beyonce and Pink...

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...and then Delta appeared in the ~sequel~.

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Maybe the two have been secret Pepsi BFFs for the last ten years? Seems unlikely tbh.


@glennnutley @britneyspears @melaniemakeup @sweetbabayjamie oohhh la la Glenn looks beautiful team xx ✨💜

Delta did attend Britney's Piece Of Me show in Vegas last year, as we can see in this Instagram video she was tagged in.

Though Delta herself never posted anything about it. Hmmm. You'd think that if the two had met or interacted in anyway we would have been blessed with the (no doubt) glorious photos.

Did Glenn play some of Delta's music for Brit? Is Britney just a huge supporter of musical theatre???? Or has she been a fan of Delta's for years and we just NEVER KNEW ABOUT IT?!?!?!????!!!!????!?!?!!!

Channel 9

Can we please have a collab? A duet? Maybe a co-written book about being a teen queen??!! Even just an Instagram hug??!!!??? SOMETHING? ANYTHING PLZZZZZZ.