22 Problems That Come With Only Having, Like, Two Friends

    "I don't need any more friends, I've already got two."

    1. You're used to going a long time without getting a phone notification.

    2. And you put your phone on "Do Not Disturb" every night even though you know nothing will come through.

    3. You see your two friends literally every weekend, because you don't really have anyone else to hang out with.

    4. Which can sometimes feel really needy, especially when you hit them with the "what you up to this weekend" text on Thursdays.

    5. But then if they're both busy, you have to convince yourself that you're fine with just your own company.

    6. And if one of them asks when you're free, your answer is always "literally whenever".

    7. When one of them talks to you about things they've done with all their other friends, you can't help but feel a little jealous.

    8. And seeing their Insta or Snap stories while you're sitting at home alone can hurt.

    9. Then you realise that it's all on you, because you know you could have tagged along if you wanted.

    10. But honestly, the thought of keeping up with six people at once is exhausting.

    11. Like, sure, you have a bunch of other "friends" but they're not the kind of people you'd spend time with for no reason.

    12. Sometimes your friends will try to introduce you to new people but you're just scared you'll be left alone with a stranger, having to make small talk.

    13. You've only really got two people to vent all your problems to, which makes you often feel like it's all you're talking about.

    14. But on the plus side, your friends know you'll always be there for them – because what the hell else would you be doing?

    15. When people talk about hanging out with old friends from school or ex-jobs, you truly can't understand how they've actually kept in touch.

    16. If one of your two friends goes on holiday, you've suddenly got all this time on your hands.

    When ur only friend goes on holiday :// 💔💔

    17. When you meet a new aquaintance you like, you latch on real quick because you're always keen to add a new friend to your small roster.

    18. You're amazed at how easy it is for other people to strike up conversations and make friends so quickly.

    19. Your two friends probably think you're really outgoing and adventurous because whenever you see a cool new place you want to visit, you always hit them up.

    20. People always make jokes about being in group chats and you just have to smile and nod like you understand.

    21. When you go through a phase of feeling like you want to be more social and outgoing, you try to tag along with everyone else.

    22. But at the end of the day, your two friends mean the world to you and you wouldn't change it for anything.