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    26 Smiling Kitties Who Want To Remind You Not All Cats Are Grumpy

    Can you make it through this post without wanting to get a cat?

    1. This happy chappy who just wants a belly rub.

    2. This fluffster who is so damn stoked.

    3. This cheeky grinner who might also kind of be winking.

    4. This cat who just heard his food bowl being filled.

    5. And this adorable pair who might almost be too much.

    6. This Russian Blue who looks like she's up to something.

    7. This beautiful fluffball who is enjoying the sun.

    8. This guy who loves his new turtleneck.

    9. And this one who probably knows something you don't.

    10. This old guy who's all about that medicinal catnip.

    11. And this angelic kitty enjoying her nap.

    12. This cat who just loves a brush.

    13. This beauty who is more into grimacing.

    14. And this kitty who loves his fluffy blanket.

    15. This guy who is just so pleased with his nap location.

    16. And this one who's enjoying her morning stretch.

    17. This kitty who is keen for a cuddle.

    18. And these girls who are having a great day.

    19. This kitty who is super excited about whatever's on TV.

    20. This cat who loves playing hide and seek.

    21. And this one who is more fond of peek-a-boo.

    22. This ragdoll who love chin scratches.

    23. This girl who looks very pleased with herself.

    24. This kitty who's all about daytime naps.

    25. This one who is more of a cuddler.

    26. And this cat who is wistfully remembering the days of his youth.

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