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The 24 Most Instagrammable Cafes In Sydney

Because if you don't Instagram your hipster breakfast, did it really happen?

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1. The Grounds Of Alexandria, Alexandria

Pastries as far as the eye can see, coupled with fresh flowers.

2. Catalina, Rose Bay

A huge array of seafood and amazing-looking cocktails, against the beautiful backdrop of Rose Bay marina.

3. Vogue Cafe, Macquarie Park


4. Ritual, Northbridge

Ritual will help your Instagram make you seem like a super healthy and fit person, even if you aren't.

5. Bar Contessa, Balmain

Bar Contessa is a perfect place for a huge and delicious hungover breakfast.

6. The Butcher's Block, Wahroonga

That pasta. Those drinks. So photogenic.

7. Nelson Road Tuckshop, Bondi Junction

Bondi in itself is a hipster's paradise. Add a poached egg and some avocado and you've got yourself a winner.

8. The Tuckshop, Glenhaven

Amazing wholesome food served up with a rustic touch = #foodporn.

9. Three Williams Cafe, Redfern

You literally need #nofilter for these meals.

10. Chiswick, Woollahra

Even without the plates of food this table would make an amazing Instagram photo.

11. John Smith Cafe, Alexandria

DOUBLE TAP. No hesitation.

12. Marigold Yum Cha, Chinatown

Dumplings are ALWAYS a winner in overhead food photos.

13. Wild Pear Cafe, Dural

Food so photogenic you may need to wipe the drool off your phone screen.

14. Revolver, Annandale

If you're served food that's still in the pan, you're legally obliged to Instagram it ASAP.

15. Chicken Institute, Surry Hills

Holy shit look at those chips.

16. Paper Plane Cafe, Parramatta

If there's any kind of plant on your cafe table, that's a sign you're going to get some trendy-looking food.

17. Bread and Circus, Alexandria

Anything fresh, colourful and artfully arranged is an instant winner.

18. Salvage Coffee, Artarmon

Simple yet delicious. A winning combo.

19. Cafe Morso, Pyrmont

The natural lighting in this cafe means you don't have to upload a dark or grainy photo to your feed.

20. The Vintage Goose, Kyle Bay

That balsalmic drizzle is what really makes that meal so glorious.

21. Kepos Street Kitchen, Redfern

Is that a brioche bun? There's nothing more Instagram appropriate than a burger on brioche.

22. Paramount Coffee Project, Surry Hills

Aha, the "pan rule" strikes again, this time with the nice touch of spring onion.

23. The Baron, Castle Hill

Seeds! Lentils! Poached eggs! So much potential in one photo!

24. Manly Wine, Manly

So technically this place is more of a bar than a cafe BUT look at this antipasti plate and tell me it isn't the most appropriate thing ever.