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    OMG Guys, Ariana Grande And John Legend Are Recording A Song For "Beauty And The Beast"

    It's gonna be LegendAri.

    As you're surely aware, a live-action Beauty and the Beast film is being released later this year, and people are pumped.

    New poster for Beauty and the Beast! @beourguest 🌹

    But if Emma Watson or singing furniture isn't really your jam, maybe this'll interest you: Ariana Grande and John Legend have signed on to record a duet for the film.

    Jason Merritt / Getty Images
    Getty Images

    The American Girl doll lookalike and the piano-playing ~legend~ are teaming up to perform the movie's title track, which will feature on the soundtrack and in the film.


    You know the song, it's the "tale as old as time" one.

    The soundtrack will be released on March 10, and the film on March 17. You can watch the full trailer here:

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